KENGIDO - KENGIDO - Training Room Journal - August 24, 2018

As the summer vacation came to an end, children who had been absent for a while showed up and made a lively children's frame.

At first, we put down the wooden swords and practiced basic hand-to-hand combat, then worked on one-on-two standing, and the older children tried their hand at two swords.

In terms of both tegami and stand-up, everyone is now able to understand what they have been warned about and correct it little by little, and I feel that they have grown in terms of their ability to respond.

In addition, the older children were seen playing with the younger children in the voluntary practice of kumite before the main practice, which has become a standard practice for the children.

After the practice, Shihan-dai Matsumura said, "The older children are already doing the same things as the adults.


The following adult frame reviewed the basic kumite one by one.

Kumite is available up to eight,

Also, each move has its own meaning, so if you neglect to practice, you will soon forget it.

However, if we are stuck in tracing our memories, we will ignore our opponents, and we will be far away from the original meaning of kumite as an interpersonal practice.

It is important to remember to interact with the training partner in kata and promises,

Kumite practice is also a way to discover your current issues and tendencies.

While the 20th anniversary performance was a major event, such devotion is being repeated daily in the rehearsal halls.