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Kengi-syu KAMUI

President of Kengi-syu Kamui
Tetsuro Shimaguchi

Born on May 13, 1970 in Saitama, Japan.
Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Cinema.
After gaining experience in Kabuki and other theatrical performances, he founded and presided over "Kengisyu Kamui" in 1998.
Samurai Artist (*Internationally registered trademark), a fusion of formal beauty, theatrical performance and martial arts.

As an actor, he performed in Q. Tarantino's film "Kill Bill vol.1" (as CRAZY88-"MIKI") and taught and choreographed sword fighting (Japanese parts such as the duel in the snowy garden).
He has been engaged in a wide range of activities. KAMUI U.S. performances: at the J.F. Kennedy Center and other venues European tour: performances at the Teatro della Pergola and Palazzo Vecchio in Italy, a performance at the State Hermitage Museum in Russia, etc Dinner shows: at Armani Hotel Dubai, Blue Note, etc Starring in short films, etc.
In 2012, he founded his own SAMURAI method, KENGIDO
Currently operating dojos in Japan, Italy, England, Czech Republic, and other countries.
In 2018, he was the first Japanese to receive the Consonanze Cultural Arts Award in Florence, Italy.
In 2019, he was appointed "Aizu Wakamatsu City Tourism Ambassador" and "Fukushima Prefecture Attaka Fukushima Tourism Ambassador".
2021 Establishment of the incorporated association [Code of the SAMURAI].
Continuing to promote Japan's "SAMURAI" to the world under the themes of cultural exchange, art promotion, regional development, and human resource development

Hiromi Matsumura

Born July 3, 1984 in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.
In 2008, he became an apprentice of Kengi-syu Kamui, and in 2012, he became an official member of Kengi-syu Kamui.
Performances at the Pergola National Theater in Italy and the State Hermitage Museum in Russia, not to mention domestic stages and events,
She has performed all over the world, including at the Armani Hotel Dubai.
She specializes in naginata sword fighting and choreographs sword fighting as well as performing.
In 2012, She joined "Kengido". Currently She is a Shihan-dai.
Kamui's first female samurai artist.

Yu Sato

Born September 6, 1979 in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.
Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Cinema.
2012: Became an official member of Kengi-syu Kamui.
He studied sword fighting as a student, and after graduation he went into theater.
He has performed on stages and events in Japan as well as overseas.
He also choreographs sword fighting and has his own unique style of performance using a fan.
He is also skilled in filming and editing videos, and is expanding the scope of his activities.

Kamui Project

Mayuko Otake

Born in Saitama, Japan.
She was initiated into Kengido in August 2018. Instructor of Kengido.
2023 Participated in KAMUI PROJECT.
She started classical ballet at the age of 4.
Studied various dances such as modern ballet, jazz dance, and Japanese dance at the Performing Arts Department of Geijutsu Sogo High School.
After graduating from high school, she performed in theatrical performances, dance, and sword fighting.

Shinji Kanazawa

Born in Hyogo Prefecture.
In October 2019, he was initiated into the Kengido.
2023 Participated in KAMUI PROJECT.
Artist who works as a performer, martial artist, actor and choreographer.
He is the 2013 Asian Jr. Martial Arts Championships Sword Art Winner.
His unique style, which utilizes his physical abilities, is unique and has been used in music videos by artists both in Japan and abroad.

Yuka Kobayashi

Coming Soon (scheduled to be released this fall)

Shinya Saito

Born in Hokkaido, Japan.
In June 2013, he was initiated into Kengido.
2023 Participation in KAMUI PROJECT.
He is also an actor, suit actor and model.
In particular, he has made numerous appearances as a stage show actor in the "ULTRAMAN" series in Japan and abroad.
He also teaches and choreographs action and sword fighting.

Main video works
Power Rangers Dino Fury