Biography of Kamui, a swordsmith

Kengi_shu Kamui 25th Anniversary Performance "Kamui Gatari"

Samurai artist 剱伎衆 Kamui celebrated its milestone 25th anniversary with a special one-night dinner show at Happoen on September 19, 2023, with a lineup of leading artists of various genres.
The performance was a continuation of the swordsmanship that has been cultivated up to this point, and it was a performance that connected to the future with the spirit of the swordsmanship.
And we were able to end the event with a super full house.
Thank you all very much.

NBA Halftime Show Appearance

In 2021, 剱伎衆 Kamui guest performed at the halftime show of the official NBA game "LA Lakers vs. Washington Wizards" in Washington D.C., USA.

No. 1 Best Fight Scene of the 21st Century "KILL BILL vol. 1

KILL BILL vol.1" choreographed and performed by Tetsuro Shimaguchi, leader of 剱伎衆 Kamui, was selected by Collider website as the number one best fight scene of the 21st century.

In KILL BILL, he played the role of CRAZY88 MIKI and was in charge of teaching sword fighting and choreographing sword fighting for the Japanese parts, including the first half of Aobaya and the duel in the snow garden.
The Chinese part was handled by Yuen Woo-ping, a master of the world of Hong Kong action, and it remains a wonderful film loved around the world.

Diamond Route Japan 2018 "History”

This is a project to connect the four prefectures of Tokyo, Fukushima, Tochigi, and Ibaraki, calling it the "Diamond Route".

The content captures the charms of each prefecture in terms of history, culture, nature, and food, and has been viewed more than 5.5 million times on YouTube around the world.
剱伎衆 Kamui performed under the theme of "SAMURAI SPIRIT" with leaders Tetsuro Shimaguchi and Hiromi Matsumura, and Haruka Ogawa from the Kengido Kids.


DIAMOND ROUTE JAPAN x Taigi - code of the SAMURAI" is a project by Kamui, the only Samurai artist in Japan, to present "DIAMOND ROUTE JAPAN x Taigi - code of the SAMURAI" to the world.

This grand project, under the theme "Code of the SAMURAI," will transmit the globally respected "SAMURAI" as a symbol of Japanese culture and spirituality from Japan to the world, transcending nationality, age, gender, religion, and language, and connecting invisible minds and thoughts and giving shape to them. We will connect and give shape to invisible hearts and thoughts.
This work is imbued with the spirit of the samurai, which is connected to the past, present, and future.

Collaboration with guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei

Guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei and 剱伎衆 Kamui collaborated at "HYPER JAPAN 2012 Christmas" held in London, England.

An impromptu collaborative performance of "BATTLE WITHOUT HONOR OR HUMANITY" composed by Mr. Hotei as the main theme song in the Hollywood movie "KILL BILL vol.1". Add block

Collaboration with guitarist MIYAVI

Samurai artists Tetsuro Shimaguchi and Yu Sato from 剱伎衆 Kamui performed at "MIYAVI Virtual Live 6.0 in Kyoto Kiyomizu Temple "MIYAVI in KIYOMIZU", a dedication live performance held in 2021 to pray for the end of the coronavirus and world peace. Tetsuro Shimaguchi and Yu Sato from the samurai artist 剱伎衆 Kamui performed.

Guests included Kamui, Tsugaru shamisen player Hiromitsu Agatsuma, kabuki actor Ukon Onoe, taiko drummer Kodo, and others.

The project was launched from Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto, a World Heritage site, to the world.


1998/2Formed [剱伎衆 Kamui

1998/3NHK Friday Period Drama "Terakoya Yume-Shinan

1998/6Kyokushin Karate Hokkaido Tournament Guest Performance

1998/7LA Street Performance @ Santa Monica, U.S.A.

1998/10Special appearance at "Stratosphere Tower Hotel Show" @ Las Vegas, U.S.A.


1999/3Izumisasa Film Festival Guest Performance


2000/3Killing "Ashura" @ Shinjuku Theatre Sunmall

2000/5Guest performance at "Bunshi Katsura Solo Rakugo Theatre" @ National Bunraku Theatre

2000/6Anglo-Japanese Friendship Association "Charity Evening" @ Imperial Hotel

2000/6Sojo University Art Department Opening Celebration @ Kumamoto

2000/6Supporting performance in Kyo Kobayashi Ballet Company's "Bakhchisaray Fountain

2000/7Jomon Festival, Ancient Dream @ Okinoerabu Island

2000/9Guest performance at "Tsugaru Shamisen Grand Concert" @ Ryogoku Public Hall

2000/10Guest appearance in "Koukyoukai" @ National Theatre for the Performing Arts

2000/11Guest performance at Sojo University Art Festival @ Kumamoto

2000/12TV Tokyo "Musashi Miyamoto


2001/3Guest appearance at "Kyo-ha Iemoto Shinnai Katsuchiyo no Kai" @ Nagoya

2001/6Guest appearance in "Ryuji Genkai's 40th anniversary performance" at Yachiyoza, Kumamoto, Japan

2001/6Sakuragawa Pinsuke Recital" choreographed by Shimaguchi @ Nihonbashi Public Hall

2001/9V cinema period drama "Stray Dog" Choreography: Shimaguchi

2001/10Ise Jingu Magatama Festival" Dedicated Sword Dance Director:Shinichi Chiba, Tetsuro Shimaguchi Cast:Shinichi Chiba, Kamui

2001/11Guest performer at the 4th "Koukyoukai" @Kochi Prefectural Museum of Art Hall Noh Theater

2001/12剱伎衆 Kamui Produce Performance "Shion" @Fuchu no Mori Art Theater, Furusato Hall


2002/5MUSIC DAY 2002 "FREE SHOW CASE LIVE" featuring FLOW//Kamui @ Akasaka BLITZ

2002/9剱伎衆 Kamui unveiling show" @ Shibuya BOXX

2002/12Guest appearance at Shibuya SECO BAR Event


2003/7Guest at "ANIME EXPO2003 Exchange Party" @ Anaheim Hilton Hotel, Anaheim, California, U.S.A.

2003/7Guest appearance at "Ryujin Festival" @ Miyota-machi, Nagano

2003/10Guest appearance at the "Anglo-Japanese Friendship Association Charity Evening" at the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo

2003/10Q. Tarantino's "KILL BILL vol.1" Killing choreographer/performer: Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2003/10Date Otoko Night" Guest Appearance @ Shinjuku Loft Plus One

2003/11Guest appearance at "Furusato Festival of Tsumugi" @Yuki-city, Ibaraki pref.

2003/11KILL BILL Night & "WAja. Public recording" @ Shinjuku Loft Plus One v

2003/11IKUSA" Guest Performance @ Odaiba SDM

2003/11Fighting event "TRIBELATE" @studio Cubu326

2003/12Guest appearance at countdown event "Mitsuhiro Oikawa Utsuyu Night 2004 Yukumitchi Kurumitchi" @SHIBUYA-AX


2004/1Guest appearance at "Earth Gorgeous FC Event" @ Nakano ZERO & Midou Kaikan

2004/3剱伎衆 Kamui's Samurai Night" @ Shinjuku Loft Plus One

2004/3International Party Japan Night" Guest Performance @ Shinjuku CODE

2004/3TRIBELATE" @studio Cube326

2004/3Overseas Company Event @ Hida Takayama

2004/4KILL BILL vol.2" Japan Premiere Guest Performance @Tokyo Kosei-Nenkin Kaikan

2004/4Kamui Fan Site Special Event "KILL BILL Buttercup Talk Live" at The Backyard

2004/5剱伎衆 Kamui's Samurai Night vol.2" at Shinjuku Loft Plus One

2004/5Earth Gorgeous vol.7 "Claudia" choreographed by Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2004/5Guest performance at "Ryuji Genkai LA Charity Performance" at Nichi-Mei Kaikan, LA

2004/6Guest appearance at "Magic Gemmy Dinner Show" at Ginza NBclub

2004/6剱伎衆 Kamui's Samurai Night vol.3 DVD release commemoration live" at Shinjuku Loft Plus One

2004/7Guest appearance at SME Presents "MIX JUICE" @ Shibuya O-EAST

2004/7Guest appearance at "Ryujin Festival" @ Miyota-machi, Nagano, Japan

2004/7Corporate Party Guest Performance at Chinzan-so

2004/9剱伎衆 Kamui's Samurai Night Special Edition" at Shinjuku LOFT

2004/9Heisei KOKERAKOSHI Performance National Chairs' Convention" at Kaho Theatre

2004/9NHK "It's Noon! Fureai Hall" Guest Appearance and Performance

2004/9Tokyo Fantastic Film Festival" Guest Performance @ Shinjuku Milanza

2004/10剱伎衆 Kamui workshop student performance "Fetus" at Asakusa Park Hall

2004/11Guest appearance in "Hiroki Miki Concert" at Sukagawa Cultural Center

2004/11Guest appearance at "ANIME SOUND & VISION" @ Chicago, U.S.A.

2004/11剱伎衆 Kamui's Samurai Night: The Great Battle at Sea" at Shinjuku LOFT

2004/12Guest on CNN's "American Morning

2004/12Friendship performance of "Ryuji Genkai Performance" at Kaho Theatre

2004/12Guest Appearance by Hiroki Miki in Russia: Tetsuro Shimaguchi at Vladivostok


2005/1KBS Kyoto "TRY: Stairway to Dream" Appearance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2005/1剱伎衆 Kamui's King of swords master vol.1" at Shinjuku Loft Plus One

2005/2Nissan France Party" at Hotel Okura


Kamui America Tour 2005

2005/4Kamui Washington D.C. Performance" at J.F. Kennedy Center

2005/4Philadelphia Performance" at International House

2005/4San Francisco Performance" at Asian Art Museum

2005/4Chicago Performance" at Northern Illinois University & Consulate General of Chicago Information Center

2005/4BS-i TBS Channel "Covert Spy Road

2005/5剱伎衆 Kamui's Samurai Night in Akasaka Prince Hotel" at Akasaka Prince Hotel

2005/5Ice Willow Kaiseki" Killing choreography at Ikebukuro adm.

2005/5Chikyu Gorgeous Encore Performance "Claudia" choreographed by Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2005/5剱伎衆 Kamui presents "King of SAMURAI - Death of Kabukicho" at Shinjuku LOFT

2005/5Nippon Television Network Corporation "Stylish ism" Friendship Appearance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2005/7Ryujin Festival at Miyota-machi, Nagano, Japan

2005/8Guest appearance at "FUTURE'S SUMMIT 2005" at Nakano Sun-plaza

2005/8MUSICASAL" at Shibuya Duo

2005/8Guest appearance in "Midsummer Special Show - Miyako's Crime" at Osaka Fandango

2005/8剱伎衆 Kamui's Samurai Night in Summer" at Akasaka Prince Hotel

2005/9Guest appearance in "Takemoto Yano Tayukai" at Nihonbashi Theatre

2005/9Guest appearance in "Snake Beard Kaiseki" at Otsuka Red Zone

2005/10Guest performance by "Wakayagi Yuju Buyo-kai" @Small Hall, Saitama Culture Center

2005/10剱伎衆 Kamui's Samurai Night" at Shinjuku LOFT

2005/11Guest performer for "The 2nd World Championships of Daido Juku": Tetsuro Shimaguchi at Yoyogi Daini Gymnasium

2005/11BJ League Opening Ceremony Performance @ Niigata

2005/12Guest appearance on TV Asahi's "Ongaku no Namae no Nai Ongakkai" (The Concert with No Title)


2006/1Choreographed and performed in the movie "Runin" directed by Eiji Okuda

2006/1W Capsule" Guest Performance at Shinjuku FACE

2006/1Guest appearance in "Sagaga Kaiseki" at Otsuka Red Zone

2006/1Film directed by Jutaro Sugisaku "Kai-ki! Ghost Snack Punch-in! Starring:Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2006/2TRIBELATE" Guest Appearance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi at Shinjuku FACE

2006/3Appearance on "FUNKYFIESTA" @CLUBCITTA Kawasaki

2006/5HUMANITY THE MUSICAL" by Tetsuro Shimaguchi, choreographed by Kamui

2006/5Guest appearance on "TAMA-ZUSA" at Nakano The Pocket

2006/5Guest starring in BS-JAPAN "Mirai Zukan" : Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2006/6Guest appearance at "CLUB GOODMAN 10th Anniversary Live" at Akihabara CLUB GOODMAN

2006/6Guest appearance in "Oedo Troupe Performance" at LA Japan America Theatre

2006/7剱伎衆 Kamui's Chanbara Night vol.1" at Shinjuku Loft Plus One

2006/7Guest performance at "Ryujin Festival" at Miyota-machi, Nagano, Japan

2006/8CHANBARA" Edinburgh, U.K. at Scotland

2006/10Guest appearance on "TIME2" at Tokyo International Forum C

2006/10剱伎衆 Kamui's Chanbara Night vol.2" at Shinjuku Loft Plus One

2006/11Hinoki Fan Kaiseki" performance at Otsuka Red Zone

2006/12AAA Extravaganza" Guest Appearance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi at Harajuku Astro Hall

2006/12Zan-da-ya 1ST Live" at Otsuka RED ZONE


2007/2Hiroki Miki Live Guest Appearance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi at Roppongi Sweet Basil

2007/3Fuji Television Network, Inc.

2007/5剱伎衆 Kamui's Samurai Night Returns" at Shinjuku Loft Plus One

2007/7Fishing Port One-man Live" Guest Appearance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi at Akihabara GOODMAN

2007/7Hakodate Open-Air Theater, choreographed by Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2007/7Ryujin Festival at Miyota-machi, Nagano, Japan

2007/8剱伎衆 Kamui no Chanbara Summer Festival 2007" at Shinjuku Theater Sunmall

2007/9Hideaki Mizuki produced "Sleepless Night's Stray Dog Elegy - Suzhou Night Song" at New National Theatre Little Theatre, Tokyo


2008/1剱伎衆 Kamui's 10th anniversary performance "Sen" @Aurusupot

2008/4X-QUEST performance "Wolf Girl Dharma - Tennyo of Hidetourism" choreographer and performer in the killings @ Arur Spot

2008/6Guest performance at the International Party hosted by Metropolis

2008/7THE SPARK OF SOULS ~sword vs drum" at studio Cube326

2008/7Ryujin Festival at Miyota-machi, Nagano, Japan

2008/8SAMURAI SPIRIT" in Edinburgh, UK @ Scotland

2008/10剱伎衆 Kamui's Samurai Night Returns - 10th Anniversary" at Shinjuku Loft Plus One v

2008/11Killing technique instructor and performer in Masahiko Makino's "Jirocho Sangokushi" (The Three Kingdoms of Jirocho)

2008/11Appearance on NHK-BS "COOL JAPAN": Tetsuro Shimaguchi


2009/1Guest on NHK-BS "Anime Giga": Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2009/1剱伎衆 Kamui's Samurai Night 2009 LOFT CIRCUIT vol.1" at Shinjuku Loft Plus One

2009/3剱伎衆 Kamui's Samurai Night 2009 LOFT CIRCUIT vol.2" at Asagaya Loft

2009/6Chikyu Gorgeous vol.10 "Tears Falling on Starry Land" Killing choreography and video performance (as Toshizo Hijikata): Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2009/8剱伎衆 Kamui's SAMURAI SPIRIT 2009" at Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

2009/9Romanian Classical Ballet Performance Guest Performance at Sibiu

2009/10剱伎衆 Kamui LOFT CIRCUIT Vol.4" @ Naked Loft

2009/10Collaboration event "CROSS" guest performance @ Sun Pearl Arakawa

2009/10Miiku Kobayashi & Kamui collaboration event "Itoran Kaiseki - Shirankaiseki" @ Shibuya DUO

2009/11Zan-Da-Ya LIVE 2009" at Asagaya Loft A, Asagaya, Tokyo

2009/12剱伎衆 Kamui LOFT CIRCUIT Vol.5" at Shinjuku Loft Plus One


2010/1剱伎衆 Kamui performance vol.3 "HUN-DON HUNDREDS" at Za-Koenji 1

2010/3Itoran Kaiseki Okawari" @ Shibuya Duo

2010/4Loft Circuit 2010 @ Asagaya Loft A

2010/4Guest performance at the Shigin Association @ Meiji-za Theater

2010/5Samurai dojo to overseas athletes (Sebastian Loeb and others)

2010/6International Performing Arts Festival at Theater X

2010/6Hideaki Mizuki Produce VOL.10 "Sleepless Night 1×8 Requiem Naked Police Academy" at Kinokuniya Hall

2010/7Hakodate Open-Air Theatre: Choreography and instruction of sword fighting: Tetsuro Shimaguchi at Goryokaku, Hakodate

2010/7Itoran Kaiseki Nagoya Performance" at Chikusaza, Chikusa Cultural Small Theater, Nagoya City

2010/7Ryujin Festival at Miyota-machi, Nagano, Japan

2010/8Performed in Portugal (Lisbon, Sintra, and Évora)

2010/8剱伎衆 Kamui "SAMURAI SPIRIT 2010" at Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

2010/9Tsuyoshi Tsuruno Performs and choreographs "Medalist", music video for World Judo theme song

Kamui Europe Autumn Tour 2010 (Italy, Poland, Portugal)

2010/11Florence Film Festival Opening Guest Performance @ Palazzo Vecchio 500 people in the Grand Hall/ @Cinema Odeon

2010/11剱伎衆 Kamui & Miiku Kobayashi" performance @ Teatro del Sale

2010/11Performances of "SAMURAI SPIRIT" at Teatro Pergola, Italy @ Teatro Pergola (Florence)

2010/11Lecture by Tetsuro Shimaguchi at Palazzo Strozzi on the Keicho Mission to Europe

2010/11SAMURAI SPIRIT" @ Santo Stefano Church

2010/11Poland Kamui Performance @Japanese Embassy Cultural Center in Warsaw

2010/11Samurai Dojo @ SOTO Dojo

2010/11Appeared on Polish national television TVP

2010/11Portugal "JapanWeek" performance at Rivoli Theater

2010/12剱伎衆 Kamui Live @ Asagaya Loft A

2010/Summer~National Geographic Television, Tetsuro Shimaguchi Special Program


2011/1Triumphant return to Italy "Yumegen Awake x Kamui SAMURAI SPIRIT" at SPACE107, Shinjuku

2011/1Samurai Lacrosse" guest performance at Ajinomoto Stadium

2011/2Guest performer at Singapore Travel Showcase 2011

2011/3Hideaki Mizuki Produce VOL.11 "SAMURAI Hikka - Boshu Bakumatsuhen -" at Space Zero, choreographer: Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2011/5G-Rockets Performance Guest Performance @ Kameari Lirio Hall

2011/5Tetsuro Shimaguchi, appearance on international TV "Bullet TV" and "Red Bull" @ Austria (Salzburg), Germany (Munich)

Kamui Europe Summer Tour 2011 (France and Italy)

2011/6Performances at the main stage of JAPAN EXPO in France and several other venues @ Paris

2011/7Italian Samurai Dojo at Florence KIDOJO

2011/7Kamui performance in Italy at Bagnola Ripoli

2011/7Dragon God Festival" at Miyota Town

2011/8剱伎衆 Kamui "SAMURAI SPIRIT 2011" at Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

2011/9Los Angeles, U.S.A. performance at the Japan America Theatre

2011/9Black Belt TV" Appearance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2011/10Collaboration performance with Gidayu, Kabuki music and Shigin at Nihonbashi Public Hall

2011/11Hiromitsu Agatsuma "Nihonryu Denshin Matsuri Kusabi - wedge -" Guest Performance @ Yebisu Garden Place The Garden Hall

Kamui Europe Autumn Tour 2011 (Germany and Italy)

2011/11Many performances at the opening of "JapanWeek" in Germany @ Schauspielge Theater in a shopping mall

2011/11Italian Samurai Dojo at Florence KIDOJO

2011/11Kamui performance in Italy at Viper

2011/12Appeared in NHK's Friday Variety "Kinbara Kogekijo - Ah! Hana no Chushingura" on NHK


2012/1ProjectNYX performance "Asakusa version of The Nutcracker" choreographer: Tetsuro Shimaguchi @ Kichijoji Theater

2012/2Guest on NHK-BS Premium "Tatsuya Ishii's Showtime

2012/2Choreographed and performed in Aya Shimazu's concert "Akebono Hikari Yoake no Hikari: Gekijoban Special" (light of dawn and dawn: a special theater version)

2012/2Itoran Kaiseki x Samurai Spirit" @ Tokyo Kinema Club

2012/4Guest performance at "Aya Shimadzu Aya Concert Akebono Yaake no Hikari - Theatrical Special" in commemoration of the 140th anniversary of the Meiji-za Theater @ Meiji-za and Shin-Kabuki-za

2012/4Hideaki Mizuki produced "SAMURAI Hikka 2012 - Boshu Bakumatsuhen" choreographed by Tetsuro Shimaguchi @ Kinokuniya Hall

2012/5Special performance for the Crown Prince and Princess of Saudi Arabia @ Nihonbashi

2012/7Ryujin Festival at Miyota-machi, Nagano, Japan

2012/8Appears on NHK Friday Variety "Dance Saizensen

2012/8Guest performer at Yoshimoto Kogyo 100th anniversary special performance @ Namba Grand Kagetsu

Kamui Vietnam Tour 2012

2012/8Performance at Hoi An and Nihonbashi, World Heritage District

2012/8Kamui Dinner Show" at Da Nang Hyatt Hotel

2012/10Performs in "Tomio Umezawa and Tamao Nakamura Special Performance" commemorating the 140th anniversary of the Meiji-za Theater, choreographing dance and sword fighting

2012/10Hiromitsu Agatsuma "Nihonryu Denshin Matsuri Kusabi - Wedge -" Appearance @ Shibuya Kokaido

Kamui Europe Autumn Tour 2012 (Poland, England, Spain, Italy)

2012/11Kamui performance in Poland @ Warsaw and Lodz in several cities

2012/11Warsaw Samurai Dojo at SOTO Dojo

2012/11Live appearance on Polish national TVP

2012/11Guest performer at "HYPER JAPAN2012 Christmas" in England
KILL BILL" improvised collaborative performance with guitarist Torayasu Hotei

2012/11Samurai Dojo @ London

2012/11Open-air performance at "Japan Week" in Spain and visit to elementary school as cultural exchange @Valencia

2012/11剱伎衆 Kamui featuring Miiku Kobayashi" performance at Musica Theater

2012/11Guest performance at NIMI Festival in Florence, Italy

2012/11Lecture at University of Florence: Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2012/11Samurai Dojo @ Florence KIDOJO


2013/1N.A.S produced performance "Flowers and... Butterflies and... Choreographed and performed by Tetsuro Shimaguchi at Tsukiji Honganji Budist Hall

2013/1Toshihiro Nakanishi Produced "Soul of Strings Vol.3" Guest performance by Tetsuro Shimaguchi at Ginza Yamaha Hall

2013/1Guest performance by Gidayu "Takemoto Yanoo no Kai" at Nihonbashi Public Hall

2013/2Choreographed and performed in "Morning Musume。 Fan Club Limited Live" choreographed and performed in the killing room @ Nagoya, Tokyo, and Osaka.

2013/3Filming for the recording of the American TV program "Duggar Family

2013/3Gamaruchoba Project Performance at Kinokuniya Hall

2013/4Guest performance by "Wa no Wa no Wa no Kai" at Millennium Hall

2013/5Tetsuro Shimaguchi founds the Samurai Method of swordsmanship.

2013/6supercell MV "Applause Utagoe" featuring:Tetsuro Shimaguchi, Yu Sato

2013/7Choreographed and performed in "Special Performance by Tomio Umezawa and Tamao Nakamura" at Meiji-za Theater

Kamui Vietnam Summer Tour 2013

2013/8Performance at Hoi An World Heritage Site in Vietnam and Kamui Dinner Show at Hotel @ Hoi An and Da Nang

2013/9Kamui performance "Kamui Kensen Zan! @ Asakusa Toyokan

2013/9School performance at Hongo High School Cultural Festival

2013/9Toshihiro Nakanishi "Laboratory of Sound" Vol.1 Guest Appearance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi @ Shibuya L'atelier

Kamui Europe Autumn Tour 2013 (Poland and Italy)

2013/10Poland Kamui Performance @ Japanese Embassy Cultural Center in Warsaw

2013/10Opening festival and shopping mall at "JapanWeek" in Poland Performances at schools as cultural exchange @ Poznan

2013/10剱伎衆 Kamui featuring Miiku Kobayashi" performance at Poznan Opera theater Bielki

2013/10剱伎衆 Kamui featuring Miiku Kobayashi" performance at BLUE NOTE Poznan

2013/10Italy "剱伎衆 Kamui featuring Miiku Kobayashi" performance @ Teatro Iesi Castello Bellino

2013/10Samurai Dojo at Yeager

2013/11剱伎衆 Kamui featuring Miiku Kobayashi" at San Romano Church in Lucca

2013/11Samurai Dojo "Kendo" at KIDOJO, Florence

2013/12Filming and photography by Tetsuro Shimaguchi for Singapore Television

2013/12British magazine interview: Tetsuro Shimaguchi


2014/12014/1 Benibara Rabbit Troupe vol.15 "VANPIST" choreographer/performer: Tetsuro Shimaguchi @ Ikebukuro Theater Green

2014/1motonari project Japanese Wind "Oni-no-Keizoku" at Densetsu Hall

2014/12014/1 DINING THEATER -NINJA- Genjutsu Jashiki: Killing choreography by Tetsuro Shimaguchi @ Kyoto

Kamui Europe Spring Tour 2014 (Italy and Poland)

2014/4Performance at KATA GAMES 2014 in Catania, Italy

2014/4Naples Comic Con "剱伎衆 Kamui featuring Miiku Kobayashi" performance at Naples

2014/42014/4 Guest performance at "International Craft Industry Fair" @ Florence

2014/4In-store live at genten Firenze @ Florence

2014/4Performance at Piazza della Signoria in front of Palazzo Vecchio

2014/4Samurai Dojo "Kendo" at KIDOJO, Florence

2014/52014/5 Polish Kamui Warsaw Performance at Embassy Cultural Center

2014/5Guest performance at the Ekiden relay race organized by the City of Warsaw

2014/5Performance at Asia Pacific Museum @ Warsaw

2014/52014/5 Collaboration stage with Athens Olympic Games Judo gold medalist Pawel Nastula @ Polish National Olympic Center

2014/5Samurai Dojo "Kendo" at SOTO Dojo in Warsaw

2014/5Kamui Přemysl performance at Krasztyn Castle

2014/5Visit to Přemysl Elementary School

2014/6Kamui Kenshin LIVE - We Aar Japanese" at Asakusa Roku-ku Yumemachi Theater

2014/72014/7 DINING THEATER -NINJA- Genjutsu Jashiki Guest Appearance: Hiromi Matsumura @ Kyoto

2014/82014/8 "Once More - A Family Story" directed by Hiroyuki ITAYA Cast: Tetsuro SHIMAGUCHI

2014/9Feature article in Asahi Shimbun:Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2014/102014/10 Mexico "Geek Expo" Guest Performance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi @ Mexico City

2014/10Special performance for IOC VIPs at Tokyo Olympics 50th anniversary event @ Asakusa

Kamui Europe Fall Tour 2014 (Switzerland, Italy, Poland)

2014/10Switzerland "JapanWeek" opening performance and school visit as cultural exchange @ Bern

2014/10剱伎衆 Kamui featuring Miiku Kobayashi" performance at the Paulklee Theater in Bern

2014/10Lecture at University of Bern: Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2014/112014/11 Italy "Lucca Comics & Games" Guest Performance @ Main Stage

2014/11剱伎衆 Kamui featuring Miiku Kobayashi" performance at San Francesco Church

2014/11In-store live at genten Firenze @ Florence

2014/11Samurai Dojo @ Florence KIDOJO

2014/112014/5 Polish Kamui Warsaw Performance at Embassy Cultural Center

2014/11Performance at Krasnik Music School @ Krasnik

2014/11Kamui Theatre performance at Jeshev Philharmonic Hall

2014/11Krosno Kamui performance at Krosno

2014/11Přemysl Kamui performance at Krasztyn Castle

2014/11Visit to Polish Elementary School @ Přemysl

2014/11Performance by Kamui Wolocław at Wolocław

2014/11Ugge Kamui Performance & Samurai Dojo at Ugge

2014/11Warsaw Kamui Performance @ Asia Pacific Museum

2014/12Kyogen Lounge Guest Performance @ Azabu IVY

2014/12Interview by Tetsuro Shimaguchi for Malaysia TV

2014/12Greece TV Interview by Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2014/12American TV "Travel channel


2015/2-Gilles de Rais Episode I: Refrain of Afterglow Choreographer/performer: Yutaka Sato, supervised by Tetsuro Shimaguchi at Asakusa Roku-ku Yumemachi Theatre

2015/3April issue of "Monthly Hiden" cover & feature article:Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2015/42015/4 Toshihiro Nakanishi Birthday Live Guest Appearance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi at motion blue yokohama

2015/4Benibara Rabbit Troupe vol.17 "SIX DAYS" choreographed by Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2015/52015/5 iTSCOM STUDIO AND HALL Futakotamagawa Rise Opening Event Guest Performance @ Futakotama Rise

2015/5Ikspiari Event Killing Choreography: Hiromi Matsumura at Maihama

2015/52015/5 Event guest performance in the U.S.: Tetsuro Shimaguchi @ Houston

Kamui Europe Spring Tour 2015 (Italy and Poland)

2015/5剱伎衆 Kamui featuring Miiku Kobayashi" performance at "ETONA COMICS" in Catania, Italy @ outdoor main stage

2015/5In-store live at genten Firenze @ Florence

2015/5Florence Open Stage Performance at Café LETTERARIO

2015/5Samurai Dojo "Kendo" at KIDOJO, Florence

2015/5Polish Embassy of Japan event "Matsuri - Matsuri" guest performance and Samurai Dojo at TORWAR, Warsaw

2015/5Kamui Warsaw performance at Asia Pacific Museum

2015/5Cultural exchange at the Warsaw Bonsai event

2015/5Guest performance at military event "FESTYNU PATRIOTYCZNEGO TOBIE OJCZYZNO" @ Warsaw

2015/5Live appearance on Polish national broadcaster TVP1

2015/5Mini Exhibition & Samurai Dojo @ Udge

2015/5Samurai Dojo at Warsaw SOTO Dojo

2015/7Guest performance by Tetsuro Shimaguchi at Figueira da Fiz`Centro de Artes Espectaculos, Palacio Estoril Hotel, Portugal

2015/8Aug. 2015 Hiromitsu Agatsuma 15th Anniversary Performance "Nihonryu Denshin Matsuri Kusabi - Wedge" Guest Appearance @ Shibuya Kokaido

2015/92015/9 "UMB Finals" Opening Act: Guest Performances by Tetsuro Shimaguchi and Yu Sato @ Shinjuku Reny

Kamui U.S. Tour 2015

2015/10Kamui Portland performance at Aladdin theater

2015/10Oregon Kageido Workshop at Portland PSU

2015/102015/10 Tetsuro Shimaguchi Samurai Lecture & Kigodo Workshop & Kigodo Performance (featuring Kigodo) @ Willamette University

2015/10Oregon Kigodo Workshop at Corvallis OSU

2015/10Kamui OSU performance @Lasell Stewart Center

2015/10Guest performer at the opening party of "POW!WOW!JAPAN 2015" @Tennoz Isle

2015/10Performance "Gilles de Rais Episode II: The Charms of Freud Killing choreography/performer: Yu Sato, Hiromi Matsumura, supervised by Tetsuro Shimaguchi at Asakusa Roku-ku Yumemachi Theatre

Kamui Europe Autumn Tour 2015 (Finland, Russia, Italy, Lithuania, Poland)

2015/102015/10 School visit as opening festival and cultural exchange at "Japanweek" in Finland @ Helsinki

2015/102015/10 "剱伎衆 Kamui featuring Miiku Kobayashi" performance at Savoy theater, KOKO Jazz club

2015/10Lecture by Shimaguchi & Kamui performance at Finnish National University of the Arts @Helsinki

2015/102015/10 Guest performance at cultural exchange with IMAF Dojo, Russia @ St. Petersburg

2015/11剱伎衆 Kamui featuring Miku Kobayashi "SAMURAI SPIRIT" performance at the State Hermitage Museum, Russia

2015/11Italian swordsmanship workshop at KIDOJO in Florence, Italy

2015/11Kamui Milano performance at Cascina Cuccang

2015/11Guest performance at the Independence Ceremony hosted by the city of Lodz, Poland

2015/11Visit to Udge High School & Kendendo Workshop @ Udge

2015/112015/11 Tsurugido Workshop (classes for stuntmen and actors) @ Warsaw SOTO Dojo

2015/11Live appearance on Lithuanian national TV program

2015/11Lecture and Kamui performance by Shimaguchi at Mykdas University @ Vilnius

2015/11Lithuania Kendendo Workshop at Skuris Dojo

2015/11Kamui Lithuania performance at LOFTAS

2015/11Guest performance at AFA2015, Singapore: Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2015/11Gilles de Rais episode II: The Sign of Freud" with Hiromi Matsumura @ Asakusa Roku-ku Yumemachi Theatre


2016/32016/3 Special performance at Armani Hotel Dubai, UAE: Tetsuro Shimaguchi and Yutaka Matsumura at Dubai

2016/3Performance at AL WAHDA MALL: Tetsuro Shimaguchi & Hiromi Matsumura @ Abu Dhabi

2016/32016/3 Indonesia "Wonder Pop Matsuri" guest performance by Tetsuro Shimaguchi at DOME UMM

2016/4Corporate Party Guest Performance @ Gero Onsen

2016/42016/4 Corporate Party Guest Performance @ Intercontinental Tokyo Bay

2016/4Guest performance for "JAPAN MATSURI" in Switzerland @ Bellinzona

2016/4Corporate Party Guest Performance @ Osaka

2016/4Corporate Party Guest Performance @ ANA Crowne Plaza Shin-Kobe

Kamui Europe Spring Tour 2016

2016/4Warsaw Kamui Performance @ Japanese Embassy Cultural Center

2016/4Warsaw Kendo Dojo @ SOTO Dojo

2016/42016/4 Guest Appearance at the Opening Event of the Permanent Exhibition of Traditional Toys of Northeastern Italy @ Palazzo Rosigliosi, Zagarolo

2016/4KIDOJO @ Florence KIDOJO

2016/4genten Firenze in-store live at Florence

2016/4Florence Kamui & Miiku Kobayashi performance at Santo Spirito Cathedral

2016/5UAE Kamui & Miiku Kobayashi Performance at Abu Dhabi Japanese School

2016/5Guest performance for corporate event @ CrossTokyo Roppongi

2016/5Corporate Party Guest Performance @ Nishi-Azabu Gonpachi

2016/62016/6 Malaysia "VISUAL ARTS EXPO 2016" at STARXPO CENTER, Kuala Lumpur

2016/6International Performing Arts Festival at Theater X

2016/6Performed in "Oedo Japanese Banquet" at the outdoor stage in Yoyogi, Tokyo

2016/72016/7 WBB vol.10.5 "River Historica 2016" Performance: Killing choreography by Tetsuro Shimaguchi @ Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club X

2016/92016/9 Gekijo Unitbus "Scarlet Mark" Killing choreography and performance by Hiromi Matsumura @ Worthal Theater Yawatayama

Kamui Europe Autumn Tour 2016 (Italy and Spain)

2016/9Guest appearance on "ROMICS" in Italy @ Rome

2016/10Japan Week" in Valencia, Spain

2016/10Guest appearance in "Mangamore" @ Bayadolid

2016/10Kamui Performance @ Coria del Rio

2016/10Starring in a PR film for Correia del Rio & Interviewed by Spain's national ABC newspaper

2016/102016/10 UAE National Day 2016 Guest Appearance @ Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah Al Ain and others

2016/11Sunhatoya Performance @ Izu Sunhatoya Hotel

2016/12UAE Kamui Performance @ Abu Dhabi Dubai


2017/22017/2 Selected as one of the best fight scenes of the 21st century in "KILL BILL vol. 1" by Collider website in the U.S.

2017/2THE FACTORY" @ CBGK Shibugeki!

2017/2Diamond Route Japan 2017" is open to the public.

2017/32017/3 "剱伎衆 Kamui's Samurai Night - Revival Edition" @LOFT9 shibuya

2017/32017/3 Guest appearance at PR event "SAMURAI NIGHT Sekigahara no Toki" hosted by Sekigahara Town @ Meiji Kinenkan

2017/42017/4 剱伎衆 Kamui O✕ Miiku Kobayashi European Tour Triumphant Return Performance "Utakatana Sekai" Re-performance @ Nihonbashi Kokaido

Kamui Europe Spring Tour 2017 (Poland and Italy)

2017/6Summer Nigiwai-Sumidagawa-"@GINZA SIX Kanze Noh Theater

2017/7Guest appearance at "Oedo Hawaii Festival" at Nihonbashi Bellesalle

2017/7Kamui & Miiku Kobayashi "Ikoku no hanashi" @LOFT9 shibuya

2017/72017/7 Tobu Railway and Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line CM "SAMURAI TRAIN" version Cast: Tetsuro Shimaguchi, Hiromi Matsumura

2017/8CASIO G-SHOCK JAPAN PR video appearance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2017/9Feature article in "LIVE JAPAN PERFECT GUIDE TOKYO": Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2017/92017/9 Ukaskazy 2017 Tour Tokyo Guest Appearance @ Toyosu PIT

2017/92017/9 "Tourism Expo Japan" Guest Performance @ Tokyo Big Sight

2017/102017/10 "THE FACTORY", a Japan Arts Festival Participating Production, re-staged at Nakameguro Kinkero Theatre

2017/102017/10 Aya Shimazu Special Performance: Killing choreography and performance by Yu Sato and Hiromi Matsumura @ Chunichi Gekijo

《Kamui World Tour 2017 (Italy, Czech Republic, Ukraine, UAE, Mozambique)
Kamui performances, samurai dojo, lectures, fashion shows, cultural exchanges, courtesy calls, appearances on national TV, etc.

2017/12THE FACTORY" featuring Tetsuro Shimaguchi at Hankyu Umeda Hall

2017/122017/12 "YAMATO-SAI" Performed by: Yu Sato, Hiromi Matsumura @ Yamato City Cultural Creation Center Sirius 1F Art & Culture Hall


2018/12018/1 [剱伎衆 KAMUI] [KENGIDO] [SAMURAI ARTIST] [KAMUI] [KENGIDO] [SAMURAI ARTIST KAMUI Trademark Registration and International Patent Acquisition

2018/12018/1 Holland Travel Event Guest Performance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi and Hiromi Matsumura at Utrecht

2018/1Diamond Route Japan 2018" - History - "Feel the Real Samurai Spirit" released

2018/2SAMURAI SPIRITS 剱伎衆 Kamui ~featuring Toshihiro Nakanishi~ @ Aoba no Mori Performing Arts Hall

2018/32018/3 剱伎衆 Kamui 20th Anniversary "Loft Circuit vol.1" @LOFT9 shibuya

2018/32018/3 Lizap new commercial "Fumio Umezawa" choreographed and performed in the "Killing Team" version.

2018/32018/3 Ronaldinho's Birthday Event Guest Performance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2018/42018/4 TBS "Bukkomi Japanese" - Argentina Killing Around Cast:Tetsuro Shimaguchi / Yu Sato & Hiromi Matsumura

2018/42018/4 French TV Program Mr. Gerard Depardieu Filming @ Okayama

2018/5剱伎衆 Kamui 20th anniversary "Loft Circuit vol.2" @LOFT9 shibuya

2018/5BS Asahi "-150th Anniversary of Boshin" - Daigyo

2018/5BS Nittele "-150th Anniversary of Boshin Commemoration Program-" -Dogi version

2018/6BS Fuji "-150th Anniversary of Boshin Commemoration Program-" - Nobuyoshi

2018/6BS-TBS "-150th Anniversary of Boshin Commemoration Program-" -Chugi

2018/6Code of the SAMURAI" Kick-off Party at TSUTAYA O-WEST

2018/6Guest performance by "A-KON®" in U.S.A.; Tetsuro Shimaguchi @ Dallas

Kamui Europe Summer Tour 2018 (Czech Republic, Estonia, France)

2018/7France JAPAN EXPO Guest Performance @ Paris

2018/7NTV "Will Sexy Zone's life change in just 3 days? Killing choreographer: Tetsuro Shimaguchi Performer: Kamui, Kengakido

2018/7Finnish Short Filming Cast:Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2018/72018/7 "Day off Time Festival" Dedication Performance @ Omiya Hachimangu Shrine

2018/7剱伎衆 Kamui 20th anniversary "Loft Circuit vol.3" @LOFT9 shibuya

2018/8Appearance at "Animajic 2018" @ Mannheim, Germany

2018/82018/8 剱伎衆 Kamui 20th Anniversary Performance "Samurai still exists" @ Densetsu Hall

2018/8Aug. 2018 "Weekly Hotel Restaurant" separate volume "Japanese IR vol.2" interview with Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2018/9Aizu Festival" Guest Performance @ Aizu Wakamatsu City

2018/92018/9 Germany "Photokina2018" Appearance:Tetsuro Shimaguchi, Yu Sato @ Cologne

2018/10Stage "THE FACTORY SHIBUYA" at Shibugeki

Kamui Europe Autumn Tour (Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Belarus)

2018/10Japan Week" in Torino, Italy

2018/10Tetsuro Shimaguchi is the First Japanese to Receive the "Premio Consonanze" Culture and Arts Award @ Santa Maria Novella Main Store (Florence)

2018/11Spain "Utakatana Sekai" Performance in Madrid @ Fernandez Rojas Theater (150th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Spain and Japan)

2018/11Guest appearance at "Salon del Manga" @ Barcelona

2018/11Boshin 150th Anniversary Commemorative Special Video_Tsuchitsu Shrine Version / Nisshinkan Version / Matsudaira Mausoleum Version" is released.

2018/112018/11 Performance at Marugo Corporation "100th Anniversary Reception" @ Okayama

2018/12剱伎衆 Kamui 20th anniversary "Loft Circuit vol.4" @LOFT9 shibuya

2018/12Countdown Event Performance @ AMAN TOKYO


2019/1Guest appearance on "Ohayocon" @ Ohio, U.S.A.

2019/2Diamond Route Japan 2019 - SAMURAI Spirits" released

2019/2-Samurai Train" started! @Asakusa-Nikko-Aizu (Tobu Railway)

2019/2-Long-run performance "KEREN" @ COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA WW Hall

2019/42019/4 Guest Appearance at "Kawaii Kon" in the U.S.: Tetsuro Shimaguchi @ Hawaii Convention Center

2019/42019/4 Honma Golf "T WORLD" Concept Movie Starring Tetsuro Shimaguchi

Kamui Europe Spring Tour 2019 (Italy and Czech Republic)

2019/42019/4 Tetsuro Shimaguchi guest appearance at the Brunelleschi Memorial Ceremony and Parade in Italy @ Florence

2019/4KENGIDO Italia] Full-scale launch of KENGIDO Italia

2019/5Czech Kigodo Workshop @ Prague

2019/5Kamui Czech performance @ Munierník Theater

2019/5Japanese cultural event production at Prague

2019/5Guest appearance at "Animefest 2019" @ Brno

2019/52019/5 Aizu Samurai Festival Guest Performance @ Tsurugajo Honmaru Special Stage

2019/5Special performance at JAPAN EXPO 20th anniversary press conference

2019/6PKCZ new music video "CUT IT UP feat.

Kamui Europe Summer Tour 2019① (Italy and France)

2019/6Italy "Etna Comics 2019" at Catania

2019/7France JAPAN EXPO at Paris

2019/7KENGIDO ITALIA at Florence

2019/7Interview with Tetsuro Shimaguchi and William Reed in the August issue of "Gekkan Hiden" (in Japanese).

Kamui Europe Summer Tour 2019 (Germany and Italy)

2019/8Germany "AnimagiC 2019" at Rosengarten Mannheim

2019/8Kamui performance @ Mt. Sibillini, Italy

2019/8KENGIDO Italia@Florence

2019/92019/9 Indonesia "Jakarta Japan Festival 2019" Guest Performance:Tetsuro Shimaguchi @ Jakarta

2019/9Interview and photo shooting for "ARAB NEWS

2019/102019/10 Tetsuro Shimaguchi appointed "Aizu Wakamatsu City Tourism Ambassador" and "Fukushima Prefecture Attaka Fukushima Tourism Exchange Ambassador".

2019/11Joy! Entertainment Shinkigeki" at Namba Grand Kagetsu

Kamui Europe Autumn/Winter Tour 2019 (Italy, Greece, Czech Republic)

2019/11Kamui & Miku Kobayashi performance at Teatro il Piccolo and other venues in Marche, Italy (Yege Ancona and other cities in the Marche area)

2019/11Japan Week" in Athens, Greece

2019/11Kamui Performance & Kendendo WS@Palermo, Italy

2019/12KENGIDO Italia@Florence

2019/12KENGIDO Czech@Prague

2019/122019/12 Article on Tetsuro Shimaguchi Shihan in WEB Hiden's "Guru, Master, and Secret Shihan Tachi" corner


2020/12020/1 Guest performance at the symposium of Japan Wise Men's Association @ House of Representatives

2020/2YouTube channel "K2TV WORLD" and "Samurai KAMUI&KENGIDO" opened.

2020/22020/2 Guest performer at Anime Expo Santiago (AEX), Chile: Tetsuro Shimaguchi at Santiago

2020/2DIAMOND ROUTE JAPAN x Daigyo - CODE of The SAMURAI" released.

2020/3Chikyu Gorgeous 25th Anniversary Festival Performance "Tears Falling on Starry Land THE MUSICAL" begins Choreographer: Tetsuro Shimaguchi, Killing choreography: Kamui

2020/7International Performing Arts Festival" @ Theatre Χ

2020/7The Day Festival off the Time" @ Omiya Hachimangu Shrine

2020/9Fukushima: Know thyself - THE NEW NORMAL FUKUSHIMA" is released.

2020/10Guest appearance at "Indonesia Japan Online Festival 2020

2020/10Choreographed and performed in a sword fight at the "Naoki Sanada Press Conference and Swordsman Event

2020/11EXPAT EXPO TOKYO 2020" @ Tokyo Worldgate

2020/11Appears on TV Tokyo's "Yoji Goji Days


2021/2Samurai Spirit - Fukushima" is released.

2021/3Appears on Hyper Japan TV (U.K.)

2021/3TV Asahi "The Door of Awareness" Appearance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2021/32021/3 Spain "Official PR Video of the City of Coria del Rio" released

2021/4Published in Web magazine "GOKAN" - Fukushima

2021/4Featured in "BUDO JAPAN

2021/42021/4 "Samurai Lacrosse" Opening Performance @ J Village

2021/5Hibiya Festival 2021" at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

2021/7Appeared in "HYPER JAPAN Online 2021

2021/7The Day Festival off the Time" @ Omiya Hachimangu Shrine

2021/92021/9 "2021/9 "2021/9 "Yoshitsune and Benkei" Killing choreography and performance @Meijiza

2021/92021/9 "MIYAVI Virtual Live 6.0 "MIYAVI in KIYOMIZU"" guest dancers: Tetsuro Shimaguchi and Yu Sato @ Kiyomizu Temple

2021/10Rude 2021" at Otemachi Mitsui Hall

2021/10Samurai Train Tour" @Tochigi~Fukushima


2021/11EXPAT EXPO TOKYO 2021" at Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center

2021/11Samurai Light Rain Tour" @Tochigi~Fukushima

2021/11Belarus "Minsk International Film Festival" Guest Performance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2021/12Performed in Nippon Television Network Corporation's "Monomake Grand Prix The Tournament" with the team of Mr. Croquette, Yu Sato and Hiromi Matsumura

2021/12Samurai Light Rain Tour" @Tochigi~Fukushima

2021/122021/12 Kamui performance "SAMURAI STILL EXIST in Aizu" @ Aizu Wakamatsu City Cultural Center

2021/12Kamui performance "SAMURAI STILL EXIST in Aizu" at Ashinomaki Onsen Okawaso

2021/12Yoshitsune, Benkei, and Ya Hyakubikunin" @Ashinomaki Onsen Okawaso


2022/1Samurai Light Rain Tour" @Tochigi~Fukushima

2022/1Establishment of Aizu Kigakudo

2022/12022/1 France 2 "STADE 2 la quotidienne spécial JO", video appearance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi, Hiromi Matsumura

2022/1MIZUBASHO Kura Café Radio" featuring Tetsuro Shimaguchi

Kamui America Tour 2022

2022/32022/3 "National Cherry Blossom Festival" Opening Performance @ Warner Theater (Washington, D.C.)

2022/32022/3 NBA Halftime Show (Wizards vs Lakers) Guest Performance @ Capital One Arena

Kamui Europe Tour 2022 (Italy and Liechtenstein)

2022/4Reception of KENGIDO commemorative postmark (annullofilatelico) in Italy, Guest performer: Tetsuro Shimaguchi @Florence Central Post Office

2022/4Liechtenstein Project Video Photography: Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2022/53×3 World tour" Guest Performance @ Futarayama Shrine

Kamui Europe Summer Tour 2022 (Italy, France, England)

2022/72022/7 Italy "UTAKATANA SEKAI 2022 in Montevarchi" @ Montevarchi

2022/72022/7 France "JAPAN EXPO 2022" at Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center (Paris)

2022/7HYPER JAPAN LONDON @ Battersea Park, England

2022/7Fukushima Recovery Reception Guest Performance @ Happoen

2022/7The Day Festival off the Time" @ Omiya Hachimangu Shrine

2022/72022/7 Earth Gorgeous Music Theater "Claudia" choreographed by Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2022/810th Anniversary Performance "Succession" at Nihonbashi Kokaido

2022/8Guest performance by Tetsuro Shimaguchi @ San Diego, Chile "Fastigame

2022/8Enogu "Dai Zetsubousai 2022 SUMMER" @Toyosu PIT

2022/92022/9 "Aizu Festival" @Honmaru Stage of Tsurugajo Castle (Aizuwakamatsu City)

2022/9Dedication performance @Tsuchitsu Shrine in commemoration of the 350th anniversary of Masayuki Hoshina's death

2022/9Rude 2022" at Shibuya Stream Hall

2022/92022/9 Appearance in "Re-rise Short Story," a web magazine for the creation of a new era: Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2022/10International Exchange Festival" at Tsurugajo Gymnasium

2022/10Kamui performance "Daigyoi: Code of the SAMURAI" @ Aizu domain school Nisshinkan

2022/102022/10 "Osaka Castle Dream Festival" Opening Performance: Yu Sato, Hiromi Matsumura @ Osaka Castle Park

2022/102022/10 "Kyoto International Film Festival" Closing Ceremony Performance @ Yoshimoto Gion Kagetsu

2022/102022/10 "ROOTS" featuring Tetsuro Shimaguchi @Kita Samurai Residence(Miyoshi-city, Tokushima pref.)

2022/102022/10 Saudi Arabia "COMIC CON ARABIA" Guest Performance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi @ Jeddah International Exhibition Center

2022/11RED° TOKYO TOWER Performance

2022/112022/11 Gekidan Ichigekiya "戰御史2022" Cast: Yu Sato @ THEATRE GREEN BIG TREE THEATE

2022/11Samurai KAMUI -Prelude-" music distribution

2022/11KENGIDO UK is established.

Kamui Europe Autumn Tour 2022 (Italy and Spain)

2022/11In-store performance @RAMEN BAR AKIRA Roma

2022/11Italy "UTAKATANA SEKAI 2022 in Rome" @ Japanese School of Rome

2022/11UTAKATANA SEKAI 2022 in Tropea" @PALAZZO SANTA CHIARA (Tropea)

2022/11Kamui Espartina performance in Spain

2022/11Japan Week Sevilla" @ Sevilla, Spain

2022/11EXPAT EXPO TOKYO 2022" @ Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center

2022/112022/11 "The 1st Aizu Fan x Aizu Wakamatsu City Tourism Ambassador Gathering" Guest Performance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2022/122022/12 "Daigi - Code of the SAMURAI - Okawaso Dojo Unveiling Commemorative Performance" @Ashinomaki Onsen Okawaso

2022/12Yoshitsune, Benkei, and Ya Hyakubikunin" @Ashinomaki Onsen Okawaso


2023/1Saudi Arabia "Riyadh Season" @Japan Anime Town

2023/12023/1 "GMO SONIC2023" Opening performance by team THE FACTORY @ Saitama Super Arena

2023/1Appears on Yomiuri TV program "I want to go far away

2023/1Oman "968GameZ 2023" Guest Performance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2023/2Appears on Fukushima Chuo Television's "Goji Tere Chu!

2023/22023/2 TOKYO MX TV Syoichi Futami "Uta Navi! Cast: Tetsuro Shimaguchi, Hiromi Matsumura

2023/2Appears on Nippon Television Network Corporation's "ZIP!

2023/3Special Performance for State Guests @ Aizu Kaiseki Tsuruga Higashiyama Headquaters

2023/32023/3 "Samurai of Andalusia Keicho Mission" Event Guest Performance @ Spanish Embassy

2023/3Oman Observer, Oman's state-run newspaper: Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2023/4KFB Fukushima Broadcasting "Share! Appearance

2023/4Special Performance for State Guests @ Aizu Kaiseki Tsuruga Higashiyama Headquaters

2023/42023/4 "Inawashiro Junior Chamber of Commerce 45th Anniversary Celebration" guest performance by Tetsuro Shimaguchi @ Listel Inawashiro

2023/4Guest performance at the "Community Creation LAB Exchange Meeting

Kamui Europe Spring Tour 2023 (Italy, Czech Republic, Poland)

2023/42023/4 "Comicon Napoli 2023" guest performance @Mostra d'Oltremare, Naples, Italy

2023/52023/5 Czech "Animefest 2023" guest performance @BRNO EXHIBITION CENTRE (Brno)

2023/52023/5 Poland "Magnificon Expo 2023" @ EXPO KRAKÓW

2023/6Kamui performance at RIKEN

2023/62023/6 Guest performance of "Aizu Sanjo Monogatari" (Tour of Fukushima Castle and Castle Ruins) @Fukushima Prefectural Museum

Kamui Europe Summer Tour 2023 (France and England)

2023/72023/7 France "JAPAN EXPO 2023" at Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center (Paris)

2023/7HYPER JAPAN LONDON" @Olympia London, UK

2023/7The Day Festival off the Time" @ Omiya Hachimangu Shrine

2023/7Expo Exchange Event Guest Performance @ Happoen

2023/7Swiss Society Guest Performance @ Kobe Club

2023/82023/8 "Little Summer Festival on Orido Street" Opening Act @Man Theater

2023/9Nikkei Matsuri" @Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre, Vancouver, Canada

2023/9Vancouver Shimpo" published

2023/9Samurai KAMUI -Force-" music distribution

2023/9Film "Gambling" released Performer & Choreographer

2023/92023/9 剱伎衆 Kamui's 25th Anniversary Performance "Kamui Gatari" @ Happoen

2023/92023/9 "Aizu Festival" Tsurugajo departure ceremony, performance on Shinmei-dori and Chuo-dori @Aizuwakamatsu City

Kamui Europe Autumn Tour 2023 (Italy, England, Spain)

2023/102023/10 "UTAKATANA SEKAI 2023 in Tropea" @PALAZZO SANTA CHIARA, Italy

2023/10IKIGAI Japanese Festival" @Leamington Spa, UK

2023/10Kamui performance "Daigiyi ~Code of the SAMURAI~" @Historic Site Huichi-ji Temple Ruins

2023/11In-store performance @RAMEN BAR AKIRA Brescia

2023/112023/11 Italy "MERLATA BLOOM MILAN" Opening Performance @Milano

2023/11Japanese School of Milan Exchange WS

2023/11Japan Week" in Spain @ Seville

2023/11EXPAT EXPO TOKYO 2023" at Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center


2024/1SAMURAI CITY × SNOW RESORT" Video Appearance: Tetsuro Shimaguchi

Kamui Europe Early Spring Tour 2024 (Italy and England)

2024/22024/2 Guest appearance on Italy's "Nerd Show Bologna": Tetsuro Shimaguchi @ Quartiere Fieristico di Bologna (Bologna)

2024/2Guest performance and lecture at the promotion event of DisneyPlus movie "SHOGUN" in the U.K. Guest performance, lecture, and workshop :Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2024/2TV1-Toscana, Italy: Tetsuro Shimaguchi

2024/22024/2 "Kahazutei Minami Rakugo - Tenhare, Moriken Celebration -" Guest performer: Hiromi Matsumura @ Asakusa Toyokan Moriken Celebration" Guest performer: Hiromi Matsumura @ Asakusa Toyokan