What is Kamui?

Formed in 1998.
A group of "Samurai Artists" who fuse formal beauty, theater and martial arts.
The company, led by founder Tetsuro Shimaguchi, based on their unique method "Kengido" that combines Japanese swordsmanship and expressive arts, they have been active not only in Japan but worldwide.

In Japan, they appear at various genres of event and in the media, as well as solo performance.
They also choreograph and coach the swordplay actions,
and actively collaborate with artists of various genres.

Outside of Japan, Kamui has been performing throughout the U.S. since the team was formed. The leader Tetsuro Shimaguchi was highly acclaimed by director Q. Tarantino, and choreographed the sword fighting scene for "KILL BILL vol. 1" in 2003 (Japanese part), and also appeared on that scene (as CRAZY88 MIKI). After that, followIng their performances were successful. The U.S. tour (2005) began with at the J.F. Kennedy Center and other venues, European tours; the theater performances in Edinburgh Festival (2006, 2008), at Teatro Pergola and Palazzo Vecchio in Italy (2010-), JAPAN EXPO in France (2011-), at BLUE NOTE in Poznan Poland (2013), the State Hermitage museum Russia (2015), the Fernández Rojas Theatre in Spain (2018) etc. In the Middle East, at the Dubai Armani Hotel (2016-). Their performance is highly regarded overseas and featured in numerous media outlets around the world.

Recently, the team has resumed international activities. They appeared at the NBA Halftime Show and the National Cherry Blossom Festival in U.S.(2022). They do continuous performance tours in Europe and the Middle East. In Japan, they made a guest appearance in MIYAVI world-distributed live show at the Kiyomizu Temple, and choreographed for the Meiji-za Theater and "Chikyu Gorgeous". In 2023, their 25th anniversary show held at Happoen, a great success attracting audiences not only from Japan but also from overseas.

Kamui, as a "Samurai Artist", promotes "SAMURAI" as a Japanese culture and art to the world.

(※"剱伎衆かむゐ", "剱伎道", "SAMURAI ARTIST" trademark registered. "KAMUI", "KENGIDO", "SAMURAI ARTIST KAMUI" International trademark registered.)