KENGIDO - KENGIDO - Training Room Journal!

Kikugido Practice Journal
July 24, 2017
Only four days remain before the first battle!
Today, the first training group continued to work on their respective programs.
The regular training group practiced kumite and uke.
It is a simple practice, but I believe that the accumulation of such practice is important.
Here are the first lineup of performers.
Hirokyo Yoshioka
He has been training as a Kamui workshop student since before the creation of swordsmanship, and has participated in many events and tours. He has also performed on many stages.
He is the most physically fit of all the Kageki students and has a strong presence on stage, which he will show in this first battle.
Kazunobu Achowa (swordsmith, disciple)
He has been a professional performer mainly in western Japan since he was a child, and started his career in KENGOKU-DO two years ago.
In "Hatsujin," she will not only perform, but also try her hand at choreographing her own pieces. Further progress is expected.
Masumi Ishihama
If you have any experience with Kendogido Open Workshops or experience,
Haven't we all been taught by her?
Well, I am one of them!
He just says, "I like to be cut off by entanglements, even if it's my first time."
The actor's facial reactions are easily taken for a ride!
She is a karate and judo practitioner, and also has experience in taiko drumming and Japanese dance.
This first team, and the variety of intertwined roles they perform with their varied experience, is truly a must-see!
He will also be playing a leading role in the show, so please look forward to seeing him!
Thanks again for your hard work today.
art of swordsmanship
Kazunobu Achowa
repairing rubble
Naoko Isozaki