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Kikugido Practice Journal


July 23, 2017


Today we practiced the first battle from morning to evening. We could see the shape of each of them. There are only five days left until the performance! We will do our best in the remaining days for the audience who is looking forward to the performance.


From here, we will introduce the performers as is customary.


Kazunobu Ogawa

He is a veteran actor with a long history as a killjoy, but has been returning to his hometown of Sasebo, Nagasaki for the past few years. Kazu-san is full of charm and can talk frankly with anyone without dividing the group. I followed him to Tokyo for a few days during the Golden Week holidays in May for this stand-up performance. Kazu-san is dependable and responsive on stage!



Junki Segawa

Despite her normally calm appearance, when she takes to the stage, she changes and becomes a riot on the stage, drawing people in with her various special skills! Many people are struck by this gap! This time, he has taken on a new challenge, and we are sure you will see a different side of him. Don't miss their sharp performance!



Shigeki Ichikawa (swordsmith, apprentice)

He has a unique background, having traveled around the world with a backpack. 2 years ago, he moved to Tokyo to study Kogaku-do (swordsmanship) and was selected to perform at the Kanze Noh Theater with Kazunobu Atchia as a member of the Kogaku-do team, which was an unusual selection for a student of swordsmanship.


Thanks again for your hard work today.


art of swordsmanship

Masumi Ishihama

Shigeki Ichikawa

repairing rubble