KENGIDO - KENGIDO - Training Room Journal!

Kikugido Practice Journal
July 25, 2017
Only three days remain before the first battle!
Today we went through the performance head to head and worked together to understand the triggers for lighting and sound.
Everyone was taking serious notes, as they would be doing the backstage work themselves this first time around.
Here is the customary introduction of first-time performers.
Yoko Kubo
Mr. Kubo is agile, brilliant, and can use both.
With his experience in swordsmanship, he has a very beautiful sword blade line.
I would like to learn from his attitude that if there is something he doesn't understand during practice, he pursues it until he is satisfied.
We hope you enjoy Kubo's performance.
Toshio Ogawa
Toshi has been with Kamuiya Kendou for more than 10 years.
He is a 5th dan in kendo and has a real presence when he holds his stance.
However, above all, he values "the way" and I believe that the strength of his will is reflected in the sword itself.
This performance is a challenge for Kendo, and I believe it is also the basis of Kendo.
We hope you will enjoy Toshio Ogawa's performance!
Japanese snowball (Viburnum plicatum)
Haru, Toshio Ogawa's beloved daughter.
In fact, like Toshi, I am deeply involved with Kamui,
Most of the Kamui members have known each other since birth.
Haru, who was shy when she first arrived, is now able to respond and greet well.
And he is a hard worker and always makes sure to review at home.
Please enjoy these performances in which Haru has grown up!
Thanks again for your hard work today.
art of swordsmanship
Hiromi Matsumura, Master Teacher
Kazunobu Achowa