KENGIDO - KENGIDO - Training Room Journal!

Kikugido Practice Journal


July 15, 2017


Additional rehearsal of Jewelry Kids' "First Battle" during the day today as well.

In the evening, we had "Hatsujin" training at the Itabashi headquarters.

Quality is steadily improving in all areas!

And yet, there is more! It is just the beginning!



Here are the "first team" performers!

From this time onward, it will be at the Itabashi Headquarters.


Stoker Noia

Compared to when I first started, I have changed my impression of the company quite a bit. I participated in last fall's tour and stepped on stage there, and I am growing more and more.

There is a gap between her face when she is serious and her normal face, and she is very cute when she smiles.



Stoker, Airi.

He has been practicing swordsmanship for about a year. He has a good attitude toward training and listens carefully to his teachers.

She learns the choreography quickly and is very attentive to the people around her. She also has a girly side that sometimes makes sweets and brings them to the rehearsal hall.


Thanks again for your hard work today.


art of swordsmanship

Kazunobu Achowa

Junki Segawa