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Kikugido Practice Journal


July 16, 2017


Today was the "first battle" training for the Tsukishima class during the morning to midday hours.

Although the number of days of practice is not as many as in the Itabashi class, the accuracy is steadily improving here as well!



Now, let me introduce the "first team" performers!


Yussei Uchida

She is not shy and gets along with everyone easily. He has been on tour and has performed on many stages there.

He loves trains and can't stop talking about trains. In the first battle, I challenge a weapon different from a sword.



type of dyer's knotweed (Persicaria tinctoria, used to produce indigo dye)

Kids who are new to the Kendai Kogido.

At the time, he was still in kindergarten, but he is now a big brother.

This time, they are challenging a new performance, armed with the movements they have acquired through Japanese dance and other forms of dance!




Thanks again for your hard work today.


art of swordsmanship

Kazunobu Achowa

Masumi Ishihama