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Kikugido Practice Journal


July 13, 2017

Today's Kendo practice was the "first battle" practice for the Jewelry Kids class.

After the children's practice, the Kagegi-Dojo students participating in the jewelry performance had an overall confirmation and practice session.



And! A section introducing the performers of this "first team"!


Aiiri Urabe (Jewelry Kids)

In addition to archery and Japanese dance, she also has a variety of talents in ballet, dance, and music, and she is the older sister of the Jewelry Kids, with a wealth of experience in musicals and other stage productions. She leads the group with a resolute appearance that is hard to believe for a junior high school student, and despite her busy schedule, she is also working hard in her own training and making rapid progress!

With his diverse talents and experience, he will open up new avenues for the swordsmanship!



Yuki Hashimoto (Jewelry Kids)

Polite, caring, and refreshingly nice young man.

He has a good sense of rhythm and sharp movements, and is enthusiastic about his swordsmanship class.

This "first battle" performance will conclude the jewelry kids' team's stand-up performance.

Thanks again for your hard work today.


art of swordsmanship

Shigeki Ichikawa

Junki Segawa