Members of the Kengido-Jewelry Kids Class performed at the "Ebisu Cultural Festival 2018"!

Yesterday, members of the Kabuki Jewelry Kids Class and instructors gave a performance at the Ebisu Cultural Festival.

Although there were concerns about the weather due to an approaching typhoon, the day of the event was blessed with pleasant autumn weather.

There were 12 members in this year's performance, ranging in age from 4 to 13.

We have worked hard for this performance with limited rehearsal time and space.

It was not easy to concentrate on the training and do what they were told, especially for small children,

Do they gain strength from being on stage in front of many people?

Everyone performed with such aplomb that many people stopped to watch them as they passed by on their way to Garden Place.

The children were so happy to see them bowing to the applause of the audience that all the Kendo-gido students who taught them were glad that they had done so.

I would be happy if this was an opportunity for the children to gain confidence.

Although this class has just increased in number and has become a two-class system, the number of children who have continued to want to participate in the training since then shows the momentum of the class.

We look forward to continuing to offer Kabuki Jewelry Kids Classes in the future!