The third production of "The Factory" ❗ Opens October 18 Tickets are on sale now!

The third production of "The Factory," written and directed by Motomasa Ohkura, a Noh actor and kyogen actor❗.

The first time, or rather the first time since its predecessor "Nihon no Kaze", "Samurai Artist" Tetsuro Shimaguchi will lead the cast, along with Akiharu Tanaka and Yu Sato from the Kamui members!
★I really recommend this stage for those who love Japan.
A gorgeous competition of professionals of various genres!
Please come to the theater to see traditional Japanese performing arts, a new style, and Kamui's live performance of swordsmanship!


Neo-academic entertainment that recreates the charm of traditional performing arts in the modern age!

October 18(Thu)-21(Sun) @ Shibugeki


<Writer and general director
Motomasa Ohkura (Noh actor, Kyogenkata)

Goro Oishi
Yuki Sato
Daisuke Mannami
Yosuke Takei
Ryota Nojima
Motonari Ohkura (Noh actor, Kyogenkata)
Maricho Hanayagi (Japanese dancer)
Yuji Kubota, Tsugaru shamisen player
Takeshi Maeda (Japanese drum player)
Tetsuro Shimaguchi, Samurai Artist
GENDAI (Dancer)
MASA (bucket drummer)
Kyotaro Katsuragi (Bassist)

Tickets are available from Kamui members and staff as well as from KENGOKUDO.
Please feel free to contact us at ‼️
Thank you all for your cooperation.