Kengido members performed at the "Fureai Festival" in Teshiki Park!

Yesterday, October 8, we successfully completed our stage performance at the "Fureai Festival" in Shonen Park.

We really appreciate the large turnout at the event.


We have been invited to participate in the spring and fall events every year at the Shaheen Park,

The number of people who see us increases with each session, and we feel that they are gradually learning more and more about us.

To our delight, after the event, some of the people who saw this performance contacted us to participate in the open workshop on the 14th.



This time, green belt swordsmanship students played a central role in the organization of the performance and the progress of the rehearsal,


The children have also grown remarkably, becoming able to do things they could not do before, etc,



The event was a great opportunity to see the growth of not only each student, but also the group as a whole.