Kamui and Kendou members performed in "Omiya Hachimangu Shrine's "Time-Off Day Festival".

On July 25, a "festival on a day out of time" - a dedication performance of the corona disaster 熄滅退散, was held at Omiya Hachiman Shrine in Suginami Ward, Tokyo, featuring members of Kamui and Tsurugi Kodo.



Under the solemn sacred tree and bonfire, we presented a performance in collaboration with Japanese drummers Kyodo Banquet and Amon, and Shinobue and Noh flute player Tomoko Takeda.

While temperature checks and other infection control measures were taken at the gate on the day of the festival, the Tenjin Children's Festival was also held, and there were many children in the audience, who applauded warmly after the performance.

It was such a dedication performance that one could not help but wish that the wish for the Corona's retreat would come true and the days of freely enjoying entertainment as before would return as soon as possible.