MIYAVI Virtual Live 6.0 in Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto "MIYAVI in KIYOMIZU"" will be available for a limited time at ‼️

MIYAVI Virtual Live 6.0 in Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto "MIYAVI in KIYOMIZU

Samurai artist KAMUI performs at

This is a live dedication with a prayer for peace to a world where peaceful daily life is threatened by the spread of the new coronavirus, conflicts and wars around the world.

Guest performers included Tsugaru shamisen player Hiromitsu Agatsuma, Kabuki actor Ukon Onoe, taiko drummer Kodo and others, and samurai artist 剱伎衆 Kamui...top Japanese artists gathered!

Croquette, who is also working on the new play "2021 Senbonzakura" at the Meijiza Theater, will serve as co-producer of the production.

Please come and see this great performance from Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto, a World Heritage Site, to be presented to the world!


Delivery date and time

9/26 (Sun) 20:00-23:59
*Live video will be available during the above times.
We recommend that you start viewing by 22:30 on 9/26 (Sun.) in order to see the entire program from the beginning. Please allow plenty of time for viewing.

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