KENGIDO - KENGIDO - Training Room Journal, August 28, 2018

In yesterday's training for the adult class, we continued from the previous training by pairing up and rotating through eight kumite moves in turn.
In swordsmanship training, we often pair up.

In this case, those with different belt colors (kyu) are partnered with one another, with the higher kyu instructing and advising the other.

From the standpoint of a low kyu, I think the advice of those who have gone before me is valuable in a different way than receiving direct instruction from a sensei or shihan-dai.
The reason is that they can learn how to understand and practice what they are told by the teachers from the standpoint and perspective of the same Kagebudo students.


The beauty of training with other Kendo students is that you can see how he or she is learning and growing, rather than just imitating the superficial form.


This will not only help you improve yourself, but will also come in handy when you are in a position to teach.


It is wonderful to have friends who can grow together in this way.


We welcomed another new student yesterday.


He is a very talented person, and we must work even harder to help him develop his talents.


By the way,

While we welcomed new initiates,

Ms. Kimi Ota, who has been practicing with us for the past three years, participated in her last training session as she is graduating from Kendou.


At the end of the rehearsal, everyone performed a special version of "Michi" ("Starmine"), which was the last song in the recent 20th anniversary performance, with Koromi playing the core role as a standing ovation to her.


Koromi, please come visit us anytime!