KENGIDO - KENGIDO - Training Room Journal!

Although it was still snowing in Naka-Itabashi, we had a lively practice session with the usual members of the children's class plus two students from Tsukishima class, and three trial participants in the adults' class.


In the children's class, the focus was on basic stances, which were filmed on video as they practiced.




The training was also a test to see if the participants could remain unperturbed when a camera was pointed in front of them, but they were all able to focus on their stance.



The adult frame progressed from basic stances, to adding movements while facing a partner, and finally to a standing position in which movements based on those basics were incorporated.


It does not mean that you can get away from the basics because you will be standing still, but only based on the basic stance.


It is a natural and beautiful way to get around.


I felt that the more we polish the basics, the closer we can get to this year's theme of "freedom"!

Kikugido: Osamu Udo