The 23rd Tsurugi Kendo Open Workshop.


~The 23rd Tsurugi Kudo Open Workshop - The 23rd Tsurugi Kudo Open Workshop - The 23rd Tsurugi Kudo Open Workshop

March 12 was an open workshop at Tsukishima Sports Plaza.
There were 9 participants in the kids' class and 11 in the general class.
Mr. Tetsuro Shimaguchi, the founder of swordsmanship, also took time out of his busy schedule to attend the event!
The kids' class started with a "tag" game. After relaxing their bodies and minds, the students performed basic kata, turning around to perform maki-kiri, ten/chi from stop/hane, and finally ten/chi/ten/ten/ten rotation.
Overall, the students were able to listen to their teachers well, concentrate on their practice, and finish the practice in a good atmosphere.
In the general class, first-time participants were given the same basic kata and Ten, Earth, Heaven, and Heaven Rotation standing movements as the kids, and repeaters were challenged with sword dances from Kamui's performance.
The next open workshop is scheduled for April 30.
Thank you for your cooperation!


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