KENGIDO - KENGIDO - Training Room Journal March 21, 2017

March 21, 2017
special consideration for non-traditional (older) children
Today is the Sakura Matsuri rehearsal. As the number of rehearsal days were getting fewer, we confirmed the choreography and flow as a whole using an actual piece of music.
adult limit
Here, too, we continued Sakura Matsuri rehearsals, choreographing and confirming the performance. The flow of the whole performance was returned.
The overall shape is almost ready, and we will work hard to improve the quality in the remaining rehearsals before the performance!
Thanks again for your hard work today!
art of swordsmanship
Junki Segawa
The Kenshigido Shaheen Senbon Cherry Blossom Festival 2017 information.
April 1 (Sat.) & 2 (Sun.)
13:00-13:30 on both days
Place] Concert Stage
Appearance】Kenji Kogyo Dojo
Access】Nippori-Toneri Liner "Toshi Koen Stn.

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