Kamui's 25th Anniversary Performance *Advance notice to the audience*.

Kamui Gatari," a performance commemorating the 25th anniversary of Kamui's swordsmanship
Please note that there will be advance notice for visitors to the exhibition.

1] About drink tickets
For this dinner show, drink tickets will be available at the reception desk for the first drink.
For the second and subsequent drinks, please purchase a drink ticket at the reception desk (1,000 yen per drink) and exchange it at the bar counter for a ticket for admission only, or order one from the staff at your seat if you have a meal.

2] About the sake
Nagai Sake Brewery will be providing sake for the event.
Happoen staff will be on hand at the venue to hand out free of charge. It will also be offered at the bar counter.
Please enjoy the food as soon as it is gone.
(No drink tickets are required)

3] Acceptance of gifts and congratulatory gifts
Any gifts, congratulatory gifts, etc. will be gratefully received. We would appreciate it if you could drop them off at the drop-off counter next to the reception desk before the show, as time is limited after the show.

4] Baggage Check-in
There is a cloakroom at the entrance of Happoen.
We can also accept carry bags, etc.

5] Theater Plan Only Customers
Please note that all seats are unreserved.

All the performers look forward to seeing you there.