25th Anniversary Performance: Luxurious Guests & More Information: ❗️

Samurai artist Tsurugishu Kamui is celebrating its 25th anniversary and will hold a commemorative performance in September.
A special one-night dinner show will be created at Happoen, featuring a lineup of leading artists from various genres.
We hope you will take your time to view the exhibition in a high-quality space while enjoying a course meal in collaboration with our original artwork.
We are determined to continue the swordsmanship we have cultivated up to now with all our hearts and souls.
It would be a real pleasure if you could come to the venue for Kamui's 25th anniversary celebration.

The 25th anniversary performance of Kamui, the swordsmith's art

Part of Original Story Show
Part Two: Performance Show

[Date and time].
Tuesday, September 19, 2023
Doors open 18:30 / Concert begins 19:30

Happoen / Joule

25,000 yen (Show & Dinner)
(2) 10,000 yen (Show)
Both include 1Drink

Kengi-syu KAMUI
〜Tetsuro Shimaguchi, Yu Sato, Hiromi Matsumura
art of swordsmanship

Chieko Kojima (Kodo Honorary Member)
Motonari Ohkura (Noh actor, Kyogenkata Ohkura school)
Kosei Ohkura (Noh actor, Kyogenkata Ohkura school)
Kato Kiro (Local Performing Arts)
Takujiro Hanayagi (Japanese dance)

Hibikido Banquet (Japanese drums)
Ryo Miyake (guitar)
Tomoko Takeda (Shinobue)
Kumiko Hirasawa (Kokyu)

Nobuto Yamanaka (Tsugaru Shamisen)
Miiku Kobayashi (Singer)

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(1) Meal included

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We sincerely look forward to meeting you all.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Samurai Artists
Kengi-syu KAMUI