Leader Shimaguchi was appointed as Fukushima Prefecture Attaka Fukushima Tourism Exchange Ambassador!

剱伎衆 Kamui leader Tetsuro Shimaguchi continues as "Aizu Wakamatsu City Tourism Ambassador",
October 18, 2019, I was appointed as "Fukushima Prefecture Attaka Fukushima Tourism Exchange Ambassador"!
What? Leader Shimaguchi is the only person who can serve as a tourism ambassador for both Fukushima Prefecture and Aizu Wakamatsu City.

Many people with connections to Fukushima Prefecture have been appointed as "Fukushima Prefecture Attaka Fukushima Tourism Ambassadors".
Each of them has a different photo of a famous place in Fukushima Prefecture on their business card,
PR video on leader Shimaguchi's business card, in which he appeared as the main character.
Location of the filming of the Diamond Route Series (HISTORY) (SAMURAI SPIRITS),
We were allowed to perform right in front of it at the Aizu Festival last year and at the Aizu Samurai Festival in May this year,
The "Tsurugajo in Spring" is used, which has a really close connection.
I visited Isozaki once when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, and it was truly beautiful,
It leaves me speechless.
Please take a look when you have a chance.

Below is a comment from Leader Shimaguchi, who has been appointed as an ambassador.
I will push forward again tomorrow, believing that doing my best in my activities will lead to the future."

I am very thankful for the relationship with Fukushima, which will continue to deepen in the future.