October 30, 2018 - Florence Tsurugi Kodo class begins!



After 8 years of lessons at KiDojo KIDOJO in Florence, we are now inviting new students to join us.
The Kendou Kigyou-do course was officially opened.

At last, the swordsmanship in Florence has begun!
Most of the participants were new to swordsmanship and had been looking forward to the day of the event.
We even received some nice words from them.

I am happy to be able to walk the path of "Kendobido" with everyone at KIDOBA.

Remembering this historic day, we hope that the methods of swordsmanship will continue to be used not only in Japan and Florence, but also in other parts of the world.
We will devote ourselves to each class so that our message will be conveyed deeply to everyone.

We look forward to your continued support of "Kigodo" in the future.


Florence Kendo class for beginners

  • Caretti Andrea
  • Petrelli Francesco
  • Giovani Alberto
  • Rigacci Claudio
  • Franchi Marco
  • Antonini Matteo
  • Silvari Stefania
  • Ceccarelli Jacopo
  • Miho Bokuda

Honorary Italian Member: Giuseppe Ruglioni