Tour of Ukraine (Kiev 1)

The day after returning from Minsk, we visited the P.Virsky Ukrainian National Folk Dance Ensemble in Kiev.

It was a joint rehearsal in which we performed each other's pieces and explored the possibility of collaboration.

The performance by this folk dance training school, which brings together the best of Ukrainian dance talent, and an organization that has gained fame by performing around the world, is a masterpiece, and the level of skill and physical ability is so great that one cannot help but watch as an audience member.

In contrast, the Mui/Kenkido side performed "Shamisen," "Zansetsu," and "Shiho to Deshi (Master and Disciple).

It is a sobering experience to perform in front of these people who are engaged in friendly competition at the top level, so to speak, of the performing arts world.

Samurai and Ukrainian folk dances and genres are different,

But the dozens of dancers in attendance watched Kamui's performance with a serious look on their faces, and when it was over, they applauded wildly.

The members of Mui and Kendō who performed at the event were asked to take commemorative photos and shake hands with the audience, earning their respect.

We look forward to seeing how the collaboration develops in the future!