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No matter where you are in the world, you can learn Kengakudo directly from Tetsuro Shimaguchi, the famous Samurai artist from the movie "Kill Bill", through video lessons!

I wanted to learn, but it's too far away."
We don't have time."
I'm overseas and can't go to the dojo."
I'm too afraid of Corona to go to the dojo." This is recommended for those who are afraid of Corona!

Where you are will be the dojo!

Course Content
The main topics covered in this course, from the basics of samurai action to performance, are as follows

Reihodo (seated bow, standing bow)

Mr. Tetsuro Shimaguchi, an artist who has been transmitting "SAMURAI" all over the world
The Samurai method of swordsmanship, "Kendo-kido," was invented.
From complete beginners to those who have experience in sword fighting and martial arts, and those who are interested in Japanese performance.
The beginner's class can be enjoyed by people of all ages at your own pace.
You can learn.
Please feel free to take the course!

English version of the course will be available soon.

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