Kamui and Kengido members will appear in "THE FACTORY"!

THE FACTORY" is a new entertainment show that mixes "theater" x "traditional performing arts" x modern performing arts to rediscover the charm of traditional performing arts by comparing the past and present under the theme of tradition and innovation. The show was performed at two venues in Tokyo and Osaka last year to great acclaim, and will be performed again at CBGK Shibugeki! where the first performance was held in October. The show will be performed again at CBGK Shibugeki!

Of course, 剱伎衆 Kamuimo, who has been participating since the first performance, also participated!

We look forward to seeing you there.



Performance Details

This is "THE FACTORY", a factory where entertainment is created.
Every day, the factory manager and his merry band of factory workers groped for entertainment.
One day, I wondered if the ancient Japanese performing arts were really entertainment and
Can we call it? I ran into this problem.
That is, traditional performing arts are essentially Shinto rituals and culture,
Because it felt different from current entertainment.
The theme of tradition and innovation will unravel entertainment by comparing the past with the present.
Will the factory workers be able to create a new world with the power of the performing arts?
All for the future...
While enjoying authentic arts, the history and background of traditional performing arts
An academic entertainment show where you can learn about a world you didn't know existed.

[Supervisor/Screenplay/Director] Motosei Ohkura

[Cast] Goro Oishi, Yuki Sato, Yosuke Takei, Ryota Nojima, Daisuke Mannami
Motonari Ohkura (Noh actor, Kyogenkata) / Yuji Kubota (Tsugaru Shamisen) / Takeshi Maeda (Japanese drums)
Maricho Hanayagi(Japanese dance) / Tetsuro Shimaguchi(Samurai artist), 剱伎衆 Kamui ・Kenkido members / MASA(Bucket drum)
GENDAI(Animation Dance) / Kyotaro Katsuragi(Bassist)


Thursday, October 18 - Sunday, October 21, 2018


Thursday, October 18, 14:00 -, 19:00 -

Friday, October 19, 14:00 -, 19:00 -

Saturday, October 20, 14:00 -, 19:00 -

October 21 (Sun.) 13:00 -, 16:00 -


*Registration opens (lobby doors open) one hour before the performance, and the auditorium opens 30 minutes before the performance.
*U25 is a ticket for people under 25 years old.
Please present your ID showing your date of birth on the day of your visit.

Premium Seats (with special gift) 10,000 yen
General seats 6,000 yen
U-25 seat 3,000 yen