A couple from California (U.S.A.) participated in the "Samurai Dojo".

April 13, 2017 Participation


Our time with Master Tetsuro Shimaguchi was the highlight of our trip to Japan.

I would like to share more time with him.

Tetsuro Sensei and his team taught us how to stand around the samurai. Very fun and easy to understand no matter what level you are at.

They help you relax and have fun so that you can understand the step-by-step process.

During the training, you will perform a play to fight them with the samurai skills you have acquired.

(It's actually a lot more fun than this description sounds!)

Tetsuro Sensei naturally shares his own cultural values and history in conversation.

His samurai life and cultural life were fascinating.

It is worthwhile, moment by moment, to hear it.

I can't wait now to attend the next one."