In Okayama! In Tokyo! Kengi- syu Kamui was active!

On March 12, Kamui was split into two groups, one in Okayama and the other in Tokyo.


In Okayama, Mr. Shimaguchi was there to interview Gerard Depardieu for his program,




Tanaka, Sato, Matsumura, and Ichikawa are in Tokyo to perform at a certain presentation at google's headquarters.





We have been there, respectively.

Although it is a world famous actor and a world leading company,

Our attitude of giving it our all is the same no matter the site.

We carefully approached the filming and the stage and were able to finish both Okayama and Tokyo without incident.

And next week on the 18th, the show will be held in Kyoto and two locations in Tokyo.


We will continue to practice today for the next one: ❗️