10/15 (Sat) "ROOTS" performance!

The memory of the land and the imagination create the roots.

ROOTS" is an immersive theater play that creates roots by overlapping the memories of the land with the imagination of what it might have been like.
The story is inspired by the "Iya Mountain Revolt" that took place when Hachisuka Iemasa entered Awa as a feudal lord at the former Kita family residence in Oeda, Higashi-Iya, Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture. The stage is a real samurai residence and an art performance with audience participation.
You can experience Kyogen, Heike Biwa (Japanese lute) and Kizumari (sword fighting) in the play.

The production will be presented by a splendid cast and production team, including Motonari Okura, a Noh actor and kyogen actor, as the overall director and sarugaku master, and Tetsuro Shimaguchi, a samurai artist who coached sword fighting and performed in the movie "Kill Bill vol. 1", as the samurai.

10/ 15 (Sat) 13:00 Concert begins

[Venue] [Claire].
Samurai Residence Former Kita Family

Ticket A: 3,000 yen Ticket B: 3,000 yen (All seats unreserved, tax included)

The meeting place is different for Ticket A and B. Ticket A: For those coming by car / 11:45, meet at the Kazurabashi Yume Butai special bus stop Ticket B: For those coming by train / 11:00, meet in front of JR Awa Ikeda Station
*This ticket is only available for 【WEB reservation】.
Reservations cannot be made by phone.

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