Performed in the halftime show of an official NBA game!

Kamui and Kengido team lead by Tetsuro Shimaguchi had a performance at the halftime show of an NBA official match (Los Angeles Lakers vs Washington Wizards) Together with live Shamisen and Japanese drum, on 19th March.
Despite it being halftime, a lot of the audience stayed in their seats and enjoyed the performance and gave the performers a big hand.
The result of the match was an amazing comeback of Wizards, the home team, which Rui Hachimura belongs to!

On Saturday, March 19, the day before the opening ceremony of the Cherry Blossom Festival, the Kamui/Kenkindo members led by Shimaguchi leader collaborated with shamisen player Yoshimasa Ohno and taiko drummer Toshihiro Yuda, who were also visiting Washington D.C. as guest performers at the official NBA game (LA Lakers vs. Washington Wizards) halftime show. Toshihiro Yuda, a taiko drummer, also visiting Washington, D.C., as guest performers.

Click here to watch the video!


Many of the guests stayed in their seats during halftime to watch the performance and applauded warmly when it ended.


As for the game, the home Wizards, with Rui Yamura, pulled off an impressive come-from-behind victory!