Italy KENGIDO - KENGIDO - Training Room Diary!

June 4, 2019
The journal of the Italian swordsmanship training hall!


This was my second trip to Italy to practice since the start of the Italian swordsmanship program!

In the limited time available, we reviewed the basics such as suzuriashi and stance, and then did kumite 1.
I was surprised to see that everyone had reviewed and remembered the posture of the course, even though it had progressed at a very fast pace in the previous session.
Kumite is an interpersonal training, and it is filled with the elements of swordsmanship, where communication is very important. The experience of training together with the participants through swordfighting made me want to do my best in my daily practice so that I can be an inspiration to them as much as possible.


After the practice, Shimaguchi Sensei presented myself and Francesco with our new belts for promotion as a surprise.
Everyone was as happy as if it were their own and said "Congratulations! I felt the warmth of my Italian friends!

I look forward to training with you again!



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