Italy KENGIDO - KENGIDO - Training Room Diary, April 24 and 27, 2019!

April 24 and 27, 2019
The journal of the Italian swordsmanship training hall!


At last, on April 24th, we had a memorable first training practice for the Italian swordsmanship!
The event began with a talk by Mr. Shimaguchi, the founder of the school, about swordsmanship!
Of course, there was an interpreter, but everyone was listening intently so as not to miss anything!

Then the awarding of the white belt.
I was very impressed to see people who are black belts or instructors in other martial arts happily accepting white belts and wrapping them around their waists.

The main practice was on the basics such as slithering and posture, but the students of the Italian swordsmanship school were so focused and absorbed so much that I felt I had to be diligent as well! I was inspired by them!

There were also some newcomers to the program, and when I told them that I would be presenting them with their belts next time, they said they were looking forward to it!

In the second rehearsal, they tried their hand at "Michi", which is also a Kabuki piece!
This performance is one of the most popular Kengobo works in Japan, performed by adults and children alike, and now in Italy as well!
I was deeply moved by this scene, and was impressed by the fact that even though Japan and Italy are far apart, their paths are connected!

I would like to see a collaboration between children and Italian people someday!

Now, when I return to Japan, I will collaborate with the people of Aizu!
Next steps to connect the path!

Thank you for your hard work.

an expert in the art of swordsmanship