KENGIDO - KENGIDO - Training Room Journal!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Today's Kendo Training Room Journal - Itabashi Headquarters


special consideration for non-traditional (older) children
Yusei has grown taller and his wooden sword has become longer.
However, even though they struggled, they absorbed Mr. Shimaguchi's advice and did their best! It was an experience that adults don't have, so I was deeply impressed that they were able to go up the stairs and get good at it again.

an expert in the art of swordsmanship
field of vision


adult limit
It was a rare sight to see so many women as the men were being driven to the Osaka stage.
In the second half of the day, the group was divided into two groups, one rehearsing for the "Thousand Cherry Blossoms Festival" at Tonarien Park, where we perform every year.
We will continue to practice in silence for April 6.
In the regular training, newcomers learned basic 1-10 kata, and at the end of the training, the kata became a three-person standing circle.
Although it was only the first few times he had practiced with us, he was performing the core of a three-person standing circle.

The "basics 1-10" of swordsmanship are often used in group dances to match the count.
Once again, I've been thinking lately how versatile and wonderful molds are.

Thanks again for your hard work today.
Thank you very much.

an expert in the art of swordsmanship
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