The 39th Tsurugi Kendo Open Workshop was held!

The 39th Kendo Open Workshop was held at Tsukishima Sports Plaza yesterday, the middle day of a three-day weekend.

Thanks to the increasing number of participants each time, plus many first-timers, we had a lively practice session.

This open workshop will be the 40th in the next edition.

Each and every one of our staff members is committed to doing their best, from the preparation to the send-off, to ensure that everyone who attends enjoys the event.

However, there must be more we can do to make it more enjoyable for everyone.


We will continue to work hard so that the next time will be even better than this time, and the time after that will be even better.


The 40th Kendo Open Workshop will be held on Sunday, October 14 at the Tsukishima Sports Plaza 1st Budojo.


We look forward to seeing you there!