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Kikugido Training Room Journal April 28


The word "sword" in Kikugido means martial arts, i.e. swordsmanship, and "Kiki" means performing arts, i.e. technical arts.


So, yesterday's training for the adult frame had a strong martial arts component.




For example, if you are in the upper stance, you should be ready to swing the sword directly into a makkazari, and if you are in the hapso, you should be ready to swing the sword into a kesa zari, which is more suited to actual combat.


Just because a piece is realistic does not mean that it can be used as is on stage, and sometimes it is too plain or unimpressive to be used as an expression.


However, in swordsmanship, where the exchange of breaths with the opponent is very important, it is important to feel the pause and distance between attacks and defenses in actual combat, and to hone the techniques for such exchanges, which in turn leads to a richness of expression and the creation of impressive moves.


The realism and quality of the technique, as well as the impressive expression that comes from the inside, are the unique charms of Kagebido.



Kogakudo Udo Osamu