KENGIDO - KENGIDO - Training Room Journal!

  Kikugido Practice Journal

April 10


Today's children's frame reviewed stances 1 through 5.

In particular, we focused on checking the 5 postures, as they have only been in place for a short period of time.

We then practiced a new sword dance.


Everyone learned well, despite being bewildered by the unfamiliarity of the dance moves and footwork.


The adults also practiced three more patterns of sword dances in addition to the ones performed in the children's class, for a total of four patterns of sword dances.

I'm still trying my best to perform the choreography, but I hope to deepen it further and match it to the songs next time.


Also, today, April 10, was the birthday of Osamu Udo, Chiharu Udo, and Mr. Yoshioka, who was absent today.

We celebrated together in between training sessions.



Thanks again for your hard work today.

Junki Segawa, Kikugido