KENGIDO - KENGIDO - Training Room Diary March 23, 2018


 Friday, March 23, 2018

Today's children's frame must have swung quite a few times, as they swung 500 bare strikes and then did some applied strikes as well.
We then went over the core of Kumite 1 through 6 in order.

After the adult group also performed the exercises, each member had to create a sword dance solo (8 x 8 counts) in 15 minutes.
Everyone performs the sword dance they have created at once.
Now there is a person who takes video of it.
Look at the overall balance to get a nice image with the camera work and plan who to focus on at what point in the 8 x 8 count.

In swordsmanship, you put all your energy into making sure that your opponent stands up as well as your solo.
The camera work was difficult because of the different perspectives, but it felt like we were all working together to create a single visual work of art.
This kind of practice is unique.
The menu is very broad, with training from many different perspectives.

We will hold an open workshop on March 25 (Sun.), so please feel free to contact us if you would like to experience Kageido.
Children's Class 13:30 -14:30
General Class 15:00 -16:30
Place: Tokiwadai Community Meeting Room
Participation fee: Children 1,500 yen General 2,000 yen
Instructor: Hiromi Matsumura, Master Teacher
We look forward to your application!
art of swordsmanship
Masumi Ishihama