KENGIDO - KENGIDO - Training Room Journal!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Today's children's frame rehearsed the performance.

Since everyone had performed this piece before, we rehearsed it repeatedly to the music, remembering little by little and paying attention to the details.


As was the case in the previous session, this training for the adult frame was also different from the usual.

This time, for example, the first person will make a stance (pose, etc.) in an empty space, and the next person who enters will feel the first person and how to enter the space... and the next person will feel the people who are already there and how to enter...


And practice like that,
If a person who is standing still in a certain pose is going to cut you, how do you go in to receive the cut and how do you establish an exchange of feelings? How about moving slowly from there...etc.



It's hard to explain, but I felt that this training was packed with things necessary to give depth to my usual stand-up routines.

If we can share what we have done in this rehearsal in our daily routines, we can create something very "interesting".
This may be a difficult task, but I would like everyone to aim for that goal!


Thanks again for your hard work today.

art of swordsmanship
Junki Segawa