KENGIDO - KENGIDO - Tsukishima Class Practice Room Journal!

The first Tsukishima class in February.

Today, too, we rehearsed mainly the program for the Tsukishima Social Education Center Circle Presentation to be held on February 17.

The basics are the same for both the performance and regular rehearsals. It is important to be aware not only of your own part but also of the entire piece. While you are waiting for the count, your consciousness continues to move with the work.

After practicing postures, the members who did not participate in the circle presentation were challenged to one-on-one standing postures by Shihan Shihan Matsumura.



We worked on this while keeping in mind such things as breathing in unison and being aware of pauses.

The foundation of any practice is simple, but it cannot be done overnight.


We will first aim for the 17th, and then devote ourselves to going even further beyond that.

Kikugido: Osamu Udo