KENGIDO - KENGIDO - Training Room Journal!



Today's Kendo practice was the same for both children and adults.

As is often the case in swordsmanship training, there is no training menu for children or adults.

Children and adults, men and women alike, will experience the same things.

I believe that the idea of "simple is the foundation" or "simple is the way to get around" does not exist in the Kabuki business.

Each movement is simple enough for children to do on a life-size scale, but with enough detail for adults to delve deeply into.

What connects this wide range of activities for both children and adults is "communication.
"Face the other person and yourself."
This is something that all of us, regardless of whether we are children, adults, or experienced professionals, must face with sincerity.

That is a task that we tend to lose sight of, but we want to return to it again and again to make it deeper and denser.
I would like to be like that myself.
Let's each do our best every day in our own equal measure!

Master of the art of swordsmanship
Hiromi Matsumura