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Kikugido Practice Journal
October 14, 2017
special consideration for non-traditional (older) children
Two girls participated today.
We concentrated on kata 3 and 4 and then practiced the core of kumite 1.
Even the children who had not yet done the new stances 3 and 4 followed along well with what they saw.
adult limit
We also practiced stance 3 and 4. The sword stance was performed by a total of 16 people, including newcomers, and was an overwhelming spectacle when all the participants were in sync.
Everyone is nearing the show, though, whether it's training for a killing festival, overseas tour training, or the stage,
What you do on a daily basis will come out in the real thing. I am very happy to have the opportunity to learn from him,
I am grateful for the opportunity to be on stage, and I will concentrate on my training.
Please come and support us if you have time!
◉Kill Fest 2017
@ Musashino Swing Hall
Free admission!
We will also hold an open workshop tomorrow, which is open to everyone.
10/15(Sun) @ Tsukishima Sports Plaza
Children's slot 13:30- (60 min.) 1,500 yen
Adult slot 15:00- (90 min.) 2,000 yen
Instructor: Hiromi Matsumura, Master Teacher
Please feel free to join us as well!
Thank you for your cooperation.
art of swordsmanship
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