KENGIDO - KENGIDO - Training Room Journal!

Kikugido Practice Journal
September 8, 2017
Today's practice also included kumite and stand-up training, and both children and adults practiced a new "stance 3".
If done properly, children can do it.
And cool.
The adults are cool, so they do it in depth.
And then, we accumulate so that we can have the appearance of a core.

When I try to do one thing deeply, I feel that I am lacking in many things, and I feel every day that I want to properly face those lacking areas and become deeper.
But it is also difficult.
I think there is stagnation from time to time.
But I would like to make progress, little by little.
Do not waver.
Serious fun for both children and adults.
Let's try again next time.
Kikugido Shihan-dai
pine village