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Kikugido Practice Journal


July 17, 2017



First rehearsal for both children and adults. In the adults' group, all the members performed their first act. Now, we are going to gear up and run until the first performance!


Here is the customary introduction of first-time performers.



Naoko Isozaki

In her warm personality, she is a brilliant woman who gets right to the heart of the matter. Her casual support is always helpful to everyone. She also has a homey side, occasionally bringing home-cooked food and serving it to everyone. This time, she is trying her hand at wearing a kimono!


Kimi Ota

She is from Kumamoto, Japan, and is a versatile performer of Japanese drums, singing, and shinobue flute. She is always cheerful and energetic, always thinking of her hometown and family. She usually performs on various stages. Please check her out!

Thanks again for your hard work today.

art of swordsmanship

Masumi Ishihama