Kendo Tsukishima Class - Training Room Journal! ~March 5, 2017


~The journal of the Tsukishima class of the swordsmanship school

The kids' class was Kotomi's first practice after she was fully introduced to the class.
The training focused on "Basic 1 to 10," which covered basic techniques, and "Basic Kumite 5," which was a one-on-one kumite.
The two upperclassmen were quick to learn moves and were able to stand around and watch their opponents.
However, it would be nice to be able to respond more cheerfully to what the doctor tells me.
The general class mainly practiced "Basic Kumite 3" and the sword dance part of 剱伎衆 Kamui's performance "Shamisen".
There will be more practice to the songs in the future for the "Yukata Kai" in July.
Next week on the 12th is an open workshop. We would like to build up little by little in a different atmosphere than this time.


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