Hibiya Festival Online Streaming Successfully Completed. The archive will be available until the 16th!

We want to unleash the heat of the theater on the city!"
I want to make it a city where people can enjoy entertainment along with the sky and greenery!"

and will be implemented annually starting in 2018 under the concept of

This year, Kamui and KENGOKUDO members participated in the Hibiya Festival, which was held via online streaming.

On Tuesday, May 4, the "Kangeki Gakko" event will feature the kids and other Kangeki members.

The lecture started with an explanation of the rituals, followed by a demonstration of stance and kumite, and then the sword play "Zansetsu" and "Michi" to introduce the sword play as a method.

▼▼▼アーカイブはこちらから 46:42〜出演しております。



At the "Hibiya Step Show" on the following 5th,

It is titled "Samurai still exist -2021 Spring Campaign,

We performed "Wind", "Father and Son", "Musashi", "Training", "Master and Apprentice", and "The Way" based on the story of Musashi Miyamoto.

Unfortunately, the weather was unfavorable, but the wind and rain made for a rather effective performance,

It enlivened the story of the samurai spirit being passed on to the next generation.

▼▼▼アーカイブはこちらから 00’03~出演しております。



The event was held online in response to the declaration of a state of emergency,

We were able to show the film to many people through the screen, and received messages of feedback from overseas as well,

This will likely lead to further expansion of Kamui Kendou's activities in the future!

To all the customers who watched the distribution in real time, to all those who supported us in various places, and to all the staff on site,

Thank you very much to everyone involved. Thank you again.

We look forward to your continued support of 剱伎衆 Kamui and Kendai.