Trailer filming for a British film shoot in London


Talks are underway for a British film shoot.
Germany took two days between the Cologne event and the next one in Florence to travel to London to shoot the trailer.

It is 4:40 in the morning in London.
I left Cologne early yesterday morning and arrived in London by myself, where I successfully completed a promotional shoot for my next British film.

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Various relationships are in full swing. I felt it when I came to the site.
I have a good feeling that it will spread further and further.

Now, when dawn breaks, we will go to Florence.
Kamui x Miiku Kobayashi tour is finally starting!
Florence - Rome, Bilbao - Coria del Rio - Sevilla. Here we go!

Meeting the other collaborators for the first time, I feel that the project is finally ready to begin.


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