Members of the Kendo-Jewelry Kids Class will perform at the "Ebisu Cultural Festival 2018"!

Jewelry Kids is a "musical art school for kids" that aims to educate children's emotions and develop their personalities and talents.


The school provides instruction in acting, singing, ballet, and musical dance in a small-group setting by top instructors who are active in their respective fields.


Today, more than 10 students participate in the class every week, making it the largest kids' class in Kagebido.


This year's Ebisu Cultural Festival is an opportunity for the children of the Jewelry Kids Class to showcase the results of their daily practice, and it is a major event that they participate in as a class every year.


Of course, Kagebiki instructors will also perform.


Please come and watch the children give their all in their performance!




[Date and time].

Saturday, October 6, 14:00-14:15



Yebisu Garden Place Center Square Special Stage