Appeared in "Rude 2022."

The group performed at the "Murekyo 2022" (September 10 and 11), organized by the Glorious Boat, an Awa Odori dance group active around the world.
The festival was launched in 2020 as an entertainment festival that transcends the boundaries of music, dance, Japanese culture, and other genres, inspired by the "rude festival" that is the origin of the Awa Odori dance.
This was Kamui's second appearance, following last year.
Samurai artist Kamui performed at "BUREIKO 2022 ".
"BUREIKO 2022 " is a festival organized by " Takara-bune" the Awa Odori-dance company being Takara-bune" the Awa Odori-dance company being active in and out of Japan.
This festival which started in 2020 is an entertainment which goes beyond the genre such as music, dance and Japanese traditional performing tributes for "Festival of Bureiko" which is the origin of Awa Odori-dance.
This was the second time performing for Kamui following the last year.