Leader of Kengi-syu Kamui Shimaguchi appeared on TBS "Bukkomi Japanese"!

It was a while ago,

Tetsuro Shimaguchi, leader of 剱伎衆 Kamui, appeared on the TBS variety program "Bukkomi Japanese" on April 5 as a charismatic killing machine.


In this program, charismatic people who take pride in Japan hide their true identities and go undercover to investigate "fake Japan," which is rapidly increasing overseas amid the growing global interest in Japanese culture as "Cool Japan," and teach correct Japanese techniques.



The tight schedule of the filming took place on location in Argentina, and of course, Kamui members accompanied them.



The filming was successfully completed and went on-air on April 5.



Patricio, the leader of the local organization that was the target of this program, has been in contact with Dr. Shimaguchi, and the exchange continues.