AIZU - Awaken Your Righteous Mind -" will be broadcast on May 26, 27, June 1, and 2!

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the end of the Boshin War (1868).

As a commemorative project, "AIZU - Awaken Your Righteousness -" will be relayed to BS stations in the commercial TV market from May 26,

Shimaguchi and other members of 剱伎衆 Kamui and Tsurugi Kido will perform.

The Boshin War is a diplomatic history of the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate, and this book reexamines the Boshin War from a foreign perspective and explores the essence of Aizu Bushido, a way of being proud of "righteousness" as revealed in the history of the Aizu clan.

Messages for the future from the perspectives of the Netherlands (Daigyoi), the U.S. (Dogi), France (Shinsei), and the U.K. (Loyalty) are spun into a documentary video work that is both robust and rewarding to watch.

Please take a look.

Daigyo Hen 5/26(Sat) 1300-1324 BS Asahi

Michiyoshi version 5/27(Sun) 1630-1654 BS Nichinichi Television

Shinyoshi version 6/2(Sat) 1700-1724 BS Fuji

Loyalty Edition 6/3(Sun) 1200-1224 BS TBS